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Does waistband indicate that birth has begun?

Does waistband indicate that birth has begun?

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If you have such a severe low back pain that you can barely go, read on!

Does waistband indicate that birth has begun?If you experience this, you can rest assured that it is a completely normal symptom in the last stages of pregnancy (beginning at week 37). Unfortunately, however, it is not possible to predict when the birth will begin. It may be late tonight, or it may be just weeks later. The most important thing is to try and prepare for birth. Pack your hospital board if you haven't already, and call your doctor to discuss what they recommend when you go to the hospital. The other important thing is that your couple (or whoever you bring in) is now as far away as possible, so that when you have to go, you can come to you. indicate:
  • cervical dislocation
  • or leaking amniotic fluid
  • recurring jabs (5 minutes worth a visit to the church)
  • tummy tuck (this can be determined by your doctor)


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