The 6 Best Breastfeeding Poses

The 6 Best Breastfeeding Poses

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Although breastfeeding is a small and natural activity, the mother has to go through a learning process to find optimal breastfeeding situations.

The right breastfeeding tension does not stretch the muscles, it is comfortable for the baby and the mother, no nipples. According to MedicalNewsToday, the next 6 posts are the best.The 6 Best Breastfeeding Poses

1. Wickedness

Turn yourself slightly upside down with your head in a horizontal position. With the hand you have on your breast breast during breastfeeding, fondle a little on your back with your fingers touching your arms. With your other hand, support the buttocks. It's a good idea to support your arms and the little one with a cushion so that your hands don't get tired. Many women find this sweat heavy on their newborn babies, nor do they recommend it on larger babies.Bцlcsхtartбs

2. Crucifixion

It is recommended for nursing newborn babies pozнciу. Positive positives for little ones who have trouble getting their breasts right. (Tongue under the nipple, large part of the nipple in the small mouth, mainly the front lips, lower and upper lips turned out, nose to chest ...) to look at your breast in an ideal position. With your other arm, lean on the back and under your butt, almost your little one will lie on your arm. This gives you a more secure hold than your wits. Keresztfogбs

3. Lying posture

Lie back on your knees in an upright position so that your waist is properly supported. Place it a little obliquely on your stomach, belly down, face down on your chest. With your breastfeeding hand, support your little head and back, rest your other hand on your butt. This fuck biological breastfeedingalso called because it strengthens the baby's sucking reflex.Lying posture

4. Living posture

This is the best thing, if the baby can live, you're right there. Once you have occupied your lower posture, place it slightly on your side or thigh, facing you so that your head touches your breast. If you are sitting beside you, support the back on your thigh. Keep your baby's neck and back straight with your hands.Breastfeeding

5. Side position

If you are exhausted, exhausted, tired, this is your bush. Lie down, lay it on your face, belly up a little. You can support the baby's arm with your hand.Breastfeeding

6. Breastfeeding

Place the baby under your arm, opposite to you, and put a pillow under your body. This posture helps you position yourself correctly. Ideal for those who are in surgery or in post-partum regeneration, or who need to breast-feed two babies.Breastfeeding breastfeeding

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