Now the corner is still on the border

Now the corner is still on the border

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Fatalities have occurred in a few countries in Europe, but in our country there have been no cases of domestic origin (so far not introduced) for over 10 years. The reason is that children are compulsorily vaccinated against highly contagious infectious diseases in Hungary.

There were 30,200 bend cases reported by health authorities between January 1, 2011, and November 23, 2011 in the European Union and EFTA countries. Among the sick, a serious event occurred in about 1,000 people. Eight people died in the bend (France 6, Germany 1 and Romania 1).
The incidence of the disease is the biggest problem this year in the following countries:
France (number of patients: 14424), Italy (number of patients: 4549), Romania (number of patients: 2572), Spain (number of patients: 1789) and Germany (number of patients: 1480). In 2010, Bulgaria and France had the highest incidence of the disease.
The disease is a problem in virtually every country in Europe, except Cyprus, Iceland and Hungary. The two islands are also less endangered by dwindling tourism, and the fact that our country's fire has not been twisted into a life-threatening obligation is a matter of urgency. Contrary to all rumors, among the contagious diseases that can be prevented by vaccination - including bends - can be stopped at the border. The best example of this is the curvy road in Romania. In Romania, most diseases occur in areas adjacent to our country, but due to almost complete vaccination in our country, no disease has occurred so far. In Ukraine, due to the volatility of the law enforcement system, laws are also common. Successive notifications of cases (Kiev, Rostov, Perm) and 71 cases of Ivanofrankovsky were reported. It is important to know that a relaxation of defense discipline in Hungary would also jeopardize law enforcement!
About this and the fatalities in our video:

This is what you need to know about bends
If someone is not vaccinated and has a curvy person, he or she will almost certainly get the disease. The virus is primarily transmitted by drip infection, but not only in the immediate vicinity of the patient, but may also be transmitted to the slightly distant tooth (not vaccinated).
A portion of the events are caused by the bend itself. The disease may be caused by encephalitis or other, rarely occurring nervous system disorders.
Bacterial superinfection with viral infection can lead to the development of pharyngitis, inflammation of the lungs, pneumonia, catarrhitis, otitis media, pleurisy, gastritis. In some cases with complications, some of the nervous system-related events may result in permanent damage. On average, one in 500 patients with bends dies. More about this: