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Seven minutes Giza Kуrhбz

Seven minutes Giza Kуrhбz

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Seven minutes Giza Kуrhбz

The birth of the center of gravity of Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok County played an outstanding role in the neighborhood. (Let's look at the status as of March 2009.)

Dr. Kárroly Ъri-Szabou, chief medical officer, strongly states that they are nationally in the top 10, at least as far as birth rates are concerned. But let's see what's in store for women who are parents!

dr. Ъri-Szabу Kбroly
Photo: Tucsek Tünde

"As is usually the case with centers of gravity, we are also confronted with problematic cases, premature babies, and diabetic infants," says Chief Medical Officer Yuri-Sabou.
- The ability of our doctors to prepare and diagnose our mothers for the best possible care. The baby born is responsible for the health of the baby, so we care for the mother and the baby in close cooperation with the baby. Since we have provided 24 ounces of rooming, mothers meet regularly with the pediatrician and infant nurses. This is very important in a hospital where a lot of mothers need lots of information and education to keep their babies safe at home.
"The great distances justify that mothers can not return home to their homes until the fourth or fifth day with their healthy newborns," the chief doctor explains. - It is important that the most basic examinations can be done in the classroom here, as it would be a denial, there are some who would never bring the child back once they had gone home.

The alternative is one of options
the ball is the most popular
Photo: Tucsek Tünde

In the ward, a large maternity room awaits the parents with two beds, and the beds are separated by a curtain. In the alternative, there is a tub, a ribbed wall, but only rarely do expectant mothers. They're the only ones to hit the ball. The freely welcomed helper is the father, the brother, the mother, but the attendant is tied to a "quick-start" course. Not many fathers live with the opportunity, but the silence in the corridors is often upset by the cheering of family members arriving by weight. There is nothing they can do about it, and at most they can only ask that they take into account the work they are doing here.
The newborn is placed on the mother's stomach for a few moments, but the usual interventions, such as heartburn, costuming, eye drops, are done first.
The so-called nursing routine, the engraving, the shaving is a must, but it is a big bargain that you can choose an embroidered pattern, which is less embarrassing but equally effective.
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Generally, the head doctor, in the opinion of the chief physician, is of the opinion that, due to the consequences of cracking, it is not worth trying. During childbirth, it is only possible to request pain relief during the day. At night, there is nothing more than analgesia known as the Middle East by name. Of course, those born with cesarean section get day and night anesthesia or spinal anesthesia.
Cervical surgery is performed strictly in accordance with the rules of the profession, for reasons of obstetrics, ophthalmology, orthopedics and accidents. First parents can also count on the operation if the fetus is caged.Facts, figures
  • The annual number of births is 1732, of which 35 are twins.
  • 588 babies finished last year with a cesarean section (33%).
  • Number of beds for children 32.
  • 5 babies are expecting their babies.
  • There are 1 alternatives available for pregnant women.