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Baby mama gymnastics in the yoga spirit

Baby mama gymnastics in the yoga spirit

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Play for the baby and for a little physical strength, the experience of motion for the mother. Together, they have strengthened their spiritual relationship. "Every smile you send back to you"

The exercise is kindly recommended for the first period after childbirth, just after the baby is over.
Lovaglou pouz
Exercise: You lie flat on your supine knee, place the baby securely in your lap, lift your tibia and ride it in small rhythmic movements. Repeat for 21 unbelievable crosses.
What are you doing? You strengthen your pelvis and back muscles in playful form. By moving your child, you also work your thighs and charisma.
Baby Pouch
Exercise: You lie flat on your back, baby lying on your shoulders. In the middle you get close to your face and kiss. Repeat three times 12.
What are you doing? You can move your stomach muscles without strain, and the weight of your child will help you gain more effective leg lifting.
Exercise: The baby is looking over you, with your face at an elevation to see each other. Emboss on your sparkle, your spine on your sparkle. Repeat at least 15 times.
What are you doing? With rhythmic movement, you control the baby's attention while massaging your back muscles and relieving spinal tension.
Exercise: The baby is lying on the carpet and you are trying to lean on the baby's head with your arms outstretched. Keep it out of 21 unbelievable crosses.
What are you doing? With this relaxed, stretching exercise you can relieve the back pain that often occurs during breastfeeding and soothe the baby.
Downward looking dog
Exercise: You kneel over your baby and then lift your hands and stretch your legs at the same time. Hold it for 10 breaths the first week, 21 for the second one.
What are you doing? This posture, which is one of the harder exercises, opens up the whole body while relieving internal tension.
Weighing balance
Exercise: Leaning over your baby, you stretch your arms and legs. Hold it for 10 short breaths, and do the same on the other side. Repeat it twice, ten times since the second week.
What are you doing? By lifting your body asymmetrically, you strengthen your balance, your muscles, and increase your self-confidence.
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