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Never let go of your mind! - The story of Hen and Peter's flask

Never let go of your mind! - The story of Hen and Peter's flask

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A series of failures and misadventures, the story of Heni and Peter. Extreme pregnancies, life-saving surgery, poor medical judgment, microscopic shrinkage ... I never gave up. And it has miraculously succeeded in many ways.

Never let go of your mind! - History of Hen and Peter's Flask (picture: Heni)Heni and Peter met in 2005, and after just one year we knew they wanted a baby. In the spring of 2006, almost all of the positive pregnancy tests came, but nothing else was real. "The whole thing was strange, because the tests showed positive once, once negative. we knew it was probably very early in the day, so he asked me to go back a couple of weeks later. It turned out I had an immediate pregnancy, my ovaries and my abdomen were full of blood. they are, even though their chances of oviposition are reduced by up to half. So Heni and Peter did not give up, and in November of the same year they could again be tested positive. But unfortunately not for long ... "A few days after the test result, I felt that I was in trouble again and knew that I was experiencing a recurring pregnancy with immediate pregnancy. but they still laughed at me, but after the examination, unfortunately, my fears were confirmed, "says Heni." so one morning I filled the glass and had a scene down the hallway to see my doctor and do something. my other fallopian tubes. So there seemed to be no other way, so I agreed. The saddest thing was when the doctor let me go home, he cut off a referral corner, drew two lines, moved them, illustrating that I had no ovaries left, Heni.In the current situation, Heni and Peter knew that only the flask program could solve them. They came back with the matter and in January 2007 - as a married couple - started the first consultation. "We went to the Buda Medieval Center Dr. Kon to Jbnos, who was very positive about the business. The examinations were done, everything was in order and the treatment started. We were sure we would be successful, but it wasn't. The first three failed to load. After that, the Doctor sent me away To Dr. Lintner Ferench hysteroscopy (comorbid) to come to the conclusion of what might cause the difficulty. my chances of getting pregnant are equal to zero. The hysteroscope eventually turned into laparoscopy. Eltбvolнtottбk these gуcpontokat, we kezdhettьk ъjra the nullбrуl "- emlйkszik back йrthetх ingerьltsйggel Heni.A hбzaspбr all these utбn also rendьletlenьl prуbбlkozott the fourth beьltetйsьk ismйt, however, did not bring the vбrt terhessйget aztбn When the цtцdik prуbбlkozбsnбl pozitнv vйrteszt eredmйny jцtt back.. the HCG values ​​showed double the blessing and the double with Heni's twins. "With just a few days to learn the big news, I began to seal. We went for an ultrasound examination and it turned out that the third embryo was absent, just like in my lining. I just didn't believe it. It was a Friday, working with doctors on duty. They invested in the hospital and came back to see if the embryo in the wrong place was dying. I knew I was going to have trouble again, but I was in vain to signal that something had to be done. I yelled at the warden, who gave me a magnesium infusion to dissolve the cramps and that's it. Doctor Lintner got in at dawn, was examined and was pushed to the hospital. The fetus in the wrong place ruptured my stomach and my abdomen was full of blood again, and was in danger. Before the surgery, the doctor was seated to discuss the possible outcomes of the intervention. He said with a gloomy face, the first and most likely thing to do was to remove my womb, but he was afraid that if it didn't, it would save the womb. The chances of survival of the fetus and my uterus were extremely low. And I knew it was also floating there that I was not going to get over it "- shares Heni.Hen. Finally, we could save Heni with a 4 urr. Doctor Lintner succeeded in rescuing Heni's womb, but unfortunately, the babies could not survive the intervention. Two weeks after surgery, the woman made an interesting discovery, noticing a significant change in her breast size, and knew that this could not be a good and conceivably positive pregnancy test. and therefore the positive test, but as it turned out, this embryonic tissue piece cell wall Heni was receiving chemotherapy for 1 month. At this time, it was also discovered that the benefit of chemotherapy could have been avoided with the use of MTX, suspend the flask for at least half a year. Heney needed a year to recover from these afflictions, both physically and spiritually, and to have another implant again. But after a while we have learned that we should not share our plans with everyone, because we always have the bad news and the sad faces, the consolation of others, more than we have done. I recognized the signs of depression myself.I was a successful mid-manager before the baby project, but since we were confident that the first flask would be a success, I paused my career as the flasks went one after the other, But many failures did the wrong thing I decided to go back to work. It was great to be back to work, to feel useful and important again. I paid attention to myself, went to therapy, maintained my body, cleansed myself, and slowly kicked myself out of depression. " His years were flashing, they were already happy to be in the right position, and they felt that they were nearing their end. I can clearly recall which street, exactly which house we stopped with my brother on that ominous day, we looked in each other's eyes, and said that we are now the last of the seventh flask. . Hбrom was megtermйkenyнtett embriуjuk and the hбrmat you can ьltettйk. Vйgьl a embriу successfully beбgyazуdott йs lйtrejцtt the terhessйg. But rцgtцn the same day as the vйrvizsgбlat eredmйnye йs HCG йrtйk showed pozitнv eredmйnyt, Heni started vйrezni. the kуrhбzban megvizsgбltбk the kismamбt йs everything was okay, they let me home, but three days later, the woman's blood increased significantly.
"Then we went into the hospital for a while, so we both sobbed, thought we had lost the baby, that was it. We have completely collapsed, we simply did not believe that it was possible for someone to become pregnant once in a while. but my brother talked to my belly, my future baby inside, and when, in the morning before the surgery, when the doctor Lintner sounded, the fetus was in a perfect place, "says your miracle. (photo: Heni) However, because of the blood, the baby was kept inside because there was a risk that the baby could be washed out due to the powerful hematoma. By the end of the 16th week, the blood was completely absorbed. Heni, on the other hand, was hospitalized again by week 30, as her results of spasms and ultrasound suggested that she was about to begin childbirth. little boys Peti gave birth at 33 weeks to 5 days, advanced at 2450 grams. He had to spend three days in an incubator.
"Peti was totally healthy, we were in the hospital for just a week and everything was fine with her. Today, she is a grandfather of 8 and a half years old," says her mother. (photo: Heni) The story of a pair of flasks is perhaps marked by events that are harder than usual; And, surprisingly, you often whistle - "let go." Heni and Peter are perfect examples of why you should NOT let go!Related articles:
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