Stop the stigma! - No snacking during the holidays

Stop the stigma! - No snacking during the holidays

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"Relax and let your kids enjoy the holiday delights!" Probably not counted by a dietitian, but Sally Kuzemchak, a 2-child nutrition advisor, knows what she's talking about.

Stop the stigma! - No snacking during the holidays"It may sound surprising, but I suggest you take a moment to think about it and let the little ones decide when it comes to snacking on the festive table. And by no means bargain over why they can be exchanged, "Sally advises. With this behavior, you not only cause yourself unnecessary stress during the holiday season, but the kids also learn nothing useful. You constantly suggest to them that you do not trust them, you do not consider them mature enough to behave responsibly in such a situation. " But, according to the children, it was not a problem for them how much pizza, candy, or cake they ate at that Christmas party, because, as they came home, they had the same, . Many kids he is very good at regulating himself, unlike the majority of adults. I can't even count the number of times my kids have asked for a hit report, and after a bite they've announced that they don't eat anymore because they're full, "says Sally, her hardest part the spreading tables of large family gatherings set the parents on notice as "regular" food and desserts, sweets. Mom was fighting a bloody fight with her baby, almost exclaiming that the child would only eat after the hot dog. Even the tumbleweeds of the long hurricane had fallen, and by the end, the little hard-to-eat few bites of hot dogs, and according to her mother, had earned it. In the meantime, my kids - who had a taste for it - were both jolly and eaten to the end of the scene, and they were running around happily without any drama in between.
Sally also gives you a few small tips to help you avoid the stomach problem this holiday season:
  • On the day of the event, try to secure the healthiest jewels at home. If your child is asking for some sweets before the gathering, remember that there will be a chance on the spot in July.
  • Ask more than once about your child - especially if you have the fifth slice of bejglin - are you interested in not feeling unwell? If you are feeling that you are just bored with a snack afterwards, show him new opportunities, games to take on.
  • During the holiday season, take home fast food and ice cream at home. Even though sometimes you can slip off one of these "sinful" walls, let's cover the Christmas New Year weeks with many family reunions concentrated on just a few days, and there is always the chance to do so.
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