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A glass of alcohol can be good for your baby

A glass of alcohol can be good for your baby

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You should not drink a glass of alcohol while you are pregnant or breast-feeding, as it can have very serious consequences for the fetus.

Experts have invited a forum on pregnancy and alcohol in the Dreher organization. Inflammatory professionals have also called attention to responsible alcohol consumption, emphasizing that, contrary to parental beliefs, a pregnant or breastfeeding mother should not drink alcohol at all.
As lectured by dr. Valuaria Klujber, a pediatrician, geneticist at the National Institute for Child Health, noted that the consequences of alcohol consumption during pregnancy can be described on a spectrum that ranges from small differences to fetal alcohol syndrome. As you said, we do not know exactly how many children are born with alcohol-related functional or developmental abnormalities, but on average, the EU estimates this by about 2100 per year by a specialist. The so-called , characteristic face (short eyes, narrow upper lips, flat face, distal inner corners), impaired mental ability (learning difficulties, problem solving disorder) or behavioral disorder (hyperactivity).

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Image:

One of the most common causes of mental disability (Down syndrome and open spine) is alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Like dr. Klujber Valeria pointed out that it is not usually possible to state how much a mother can drink, but if the mother drinks at least once a week, it is a significant danger, and it can be said that consuming large quantities of alcohol at a time is always kicker. The first and last trimesters are the most delicate of all. The expert added that besides the amount of alcohol, the mother's weight, age, age and nutrition, as well as genetic factors, are not at risk.
Dr. Klujber Valeria added that alcohol is a causative agent for fertility and developmental disorder, as is the fact that fetal alcohol syndrome is a serious illness with serious consequences. As the safe dose of alcohol is unknown, expert advice is needed to abstain completely from alcohol during pregnancy and lactation.