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Children's Island closes with circus showProgramme: only 1 week from Children's Island

Children's Island closes with circus showProgramme: only 1 week from Children's Island

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There will be a Circus Parade, a Fairytale-Horse Court and a whole Manulville, and on the Stage, among others, Apacuka, Gabi Gabi and Biomese, as well as a MintaPinty concert, will be waiting for the brides to be entertained.

Kid's Island (source: FB's event page)

Utolsу hйtvйgйjйhez йrkezett Generali Children's Island, carrying the island Hajуgyбri kilбtogatу gyerkхcцk now the mesйk йs lбtogathatnak the circus lйlegzetбllнtу vilбgбba el.A Generali Island Children's your first time йrkezх Mesйs-aprуsбgok tбrsai the equestrian horses will mesevilбgi kalandozбsuk sorбn, who were riding pбlyбn they can caress, walk, feed, and feed apples all day long, and even come free of charge, and the Children's and Youth Riding Association awaits their visit with Horse Tales.
Rippel Move is one of the most exciting performances of clowns, conductors, jugglers and acrobats in the fun and interactive games of the Circus Park. There's going to be a trampoline, a trapeze, a binder, a tassel, everything that comes at a height, a terrifying depth, for only the enterprising spirit of Hollywood is missing.
After the excitement of the Circus Parade you will have a little rest for the whole family, which is a great opportunity for the SOS Children's Villages Fairytale, where comfy bean boots and modern and classic tales will help you to relax a.
For more active relaxation, the Manual World of Creativity is waiting for you. And the Multipoint Foamed Palace of Foam Cartoon Buildings brings to life their fairy tales full of tunnels and houses.
With lots of games and fun, it was worth spending a few minutes on your health. At the Suli Samurai Point, kids will learn about a playful massaging program that not only helps the backdrop or backstage of learning, but also helps them learn faster and more effectively. Dr. Mikos Borbála pediatrician and chief physician of the Bethesda Kuhrhazz Intensive Hospital responds to pediatric inquiries between 14 and 16 hours at ZewaKids.
On Saturday, the Grand Boardwalk is a world-famous board featuring the latest generation of children's bands, Apacuka, with its variety of instrumental songs ranging from rock to reggae to a variety of musical genres. In South, Gabi Gubabs and Biomese will give a tour of the Puff Ancsi educational event, and finally the Generali Children's Island will celebrate its Seventh Country Sunday with a concert by the SamplePinty Band.
Close to 40 venues this kid is free to visit this weekend! Detailed program: and