This is how you can boost the immune system of premature babies

This is how you can boost the immune system of premature babies

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In Hungary, the proportion of premature births is high in international comparisons, and there has been no significant change in trends in recent years. The frequency is consistently between 8-9 percent.

How To Boost Your Immune Immune System (Fotу: iStock) 2011 Since Every Year November 17th is World Parent Day, the primary goal of which is to raise awareness of this special patient group care and compensation for its significance. Modern medical devices allow for very low birth weight (less than 1000 grams) to be born prematurely. At the same time, a key element of this is the first day of life, and then, the first six months or so are exceptional breastfeeding, which greatly improves the chances of passing.During the first 1000 days of our lives, we develop the most intensive cognitive abilities - like thinking, language or memory - and then develop our immune system. During this critical period, the number of adipose cells, which determines the tendency to become obese in adulthood, is finally set. While mature newborns may spend about one-third of their maternal deferred conditions during this period, meanwhile, premature babies born during the 24th and 37th weeks of pregnancy must adapt to the immediate environment at an early stage. Our task is to make it as light as possible, an important element of which is the optimal nutrition of the uterus. This particular group of patients is less able to cope with the challenges of staying alive. Preterm infants are hard to feed in the first few weeks to months, they are more likely to have sensory, intestinal, respiratory, and nervous system problems. The greatest difficulty, however, is that they are more susceptible to infections due to their immature immune systems. To avoid this, the most suitable, but also the simplest, tool is the exclusive breastfeeding started as soon as possible and then for as long as possible. Each change is like giving our babies a cure, since breast milk contains large amounts of antibodies that protect the environment. It's amazing that the composition of breast milk from premature babies differs from that of premature mothers. It has a higher protein, fat, energy and immune content, more weight and less milk sugar. Due to their underdeveloped digestive systems, premature babies, especially during the initial period, can only accept small amounts of diet. At the same time, it is easier to digest breast milk, the composition and nutritional value of which is best suited to their number. That is why it is of utmost importance to help early-born mothers to start milk production as soon as possible and to have this wonderful and lasting less than every day. This is especially true for premature babies, who have a high chance of exclusive breastfeeding for up to six months, to bring in their early arrivals due to shorter arrivals"said Dr. István Tokodi, an infant and pediatrician, expert in the First 1000 Days program. In addition to nutrition in early pregnancy, The kangaroo positioning not only helps to create a mother-child relationship, it may also be a good introduction to the first attempts at breastfeeding. The great benefit of this is that it releases hormones from the mother that stimulate milk production. Successful breastfeeding is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of patience and help from the mother. Preterm infants are not always able to breastfeed properly at first, however, as the weight of the baby grows, the number of breastfeeding and breastfeeding milk increases gradually.Related links: