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Ova cells in safety

Ova cells in safety

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What is the guarantee that my ova will not be changed? - Ask a woman who is trying to get pregnant with the help of a flask program, in a case of recent turmoil.

As we reported in our previous article, a renowned Hong Kong fertility clinic acknowledged that its specialists had exchanged two embryos and had implanted another woman as planned. In exchange, the two affected women will receive compensation. A government council overseeing human reproductive technologies has decided not to take steps against the Victory ART Laboratory - where other celebrities have been helped. The commission's conclusion is that there is no human error in the system, says the BBC's report.
The examination revealed that a novice embryologist did not check the name on the embryo storage before the embryos were implanted in the female. The clinic quickly noticed the defect and removed the embryos. Both of them, both those whose embryos were being used and those who were implanted in years, received psychological counseling.

Codes and rules

In the past, many women have had the fear of having their newborn baby shuffled in the wards of birth, in addition to countless horrendous stories of similar circulations. Just as this case has been brought to its attention, flask-related programs may presently raise such concerns, even before embryo insertion. In connection with a case in Hong Kong, we were asked to comment on a case in the Hungarian Meditation Clinic.
- As far as we know, a similar case has not yet occurred in Hungary. All in all, such a failure can only occur due to a lack of quality assurance system or system application. - says Katalin Szabу, Laboratory Lead Embryologist, Versys Clinics Humane Reproduction Institute. - Artificial insemination is basically a question of confidence, since a baby is usually a single person, but a clinic is completely professional in the field of childbirth. It is essential, not only for patients but for us, to record all phases of artificial fertilization according to a very strict protocol in order to exclude similar inferiors. And it is self-evident that a novice embryologist cannot work without supervision. The process цsszes lйpйsйben kettхs felьgyelet is йrvйnyben, нgy not only regisztrбljuk the embriуkat, but you have already a petesejtleszнvбs napjбn, pбciensenkйnt kьlцn get elхkйszнtйsi fбzisban szнnkуd йs the pбciens name the tenyйsztх edйnyeken, also йs all mбs eszkцzцn, making the gamete or embriуk contact kerьlnek. This is also important because it is possible that the same two patients are named and their embryos are placed for one day, so the protocol should cover such special cases. However, this should not be a problem for a high quality assurance system. In addition to registering all patients by color, their other parameters also differ. Usually the names of the mate, the number and quality of the embryos and the embryos differed. All these make each patient unique.