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The most solitary encounters when your child is born Do not leave yourself!

The most solitary encounters when your child is born Do not leave yourself!

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Everyone is brought to the market! There are some who are completely out of touch with an innocent but bad-tempered inquirer, and, with a smile, bear the most murderous trappers, the most annoying, touchless remarks.

You must have silicone breasts, that's it!

This golden phrase comes from the infant, who, from a distance, has a history of breastfeeding difficulties and a baby born, which has made her aware of the post-lactation situation. What if you're really silicone? Then what?

How big is your belly!

Size is the essence - this tactless suggestion is usually made in the few days after birth, thrown in the middle of a baby. However, the rebuilding of the viscera takes up to a few weeks, even if it only takes a minimal amount of it. It's best to let it go by your side. What can you do?

And the baby is breastfeeding? / Do you have any milk?

Do not let such and similar requests ring in the ring, "Are you a mother at all?" home competition. You can confidently say that this is a secret in your family, so unfortunately you can't talk about it as much as you want to take pride in your successes. breastfeeding, you are also uncertain about many things, or your child may be getting nutrition. If you wonder what your hardships are, nothing has saved you from the good advice of the councils. And since everyone is breastfeeding, you can be prepared for the worst. So it's best to smile and talk about your problem with whoever you give your opinion or experience to.

Unpleasant requests occur from time to time

Oops, love your little brother!

This is when the newlyweds' army wonders to draw attention to the big breasted one, so it folds over a baby cube, or invokes another similar shareholder. Of course, this comment does not solve the problem at all. Therefore, for educational reasons, it is best to ask the lovely speaker to take the big one and play with it for a while, check out their latest stories, have a good time with them, and maybe give them something fun.

Hы, I see you have a stomach. Looks like your milk is too strong!

Reassure yourself that stomach as such does not exist, at least not a concept completely unknown in your family, and your milk is perfectly in line with the specifications, neither strong nor weak.

You are on your way to being completely entertained…

Of course! Just enthuse and tell me that you didn't even guess your name when you were already rock-solid to become a comforting fringe. And now you are happy to see that the plan has succeeded, as it seems to be something else.☺

You don't look something fresh or fresh!

Although it may be easy for the person to be right, it's not really sporty to say that. During the years spent at home with small children and little babies, there are times when you can think of makeup, dry hair, and something very nice. It's a little worse at night, or just being sick at the same time as your child and your couple, as you say, just in the middle of the night, and in March, you are sick. Don't mind! The rewards will be bigger if you have a little time. And don't worry, it's time, maybe tomorrow! Sometimes these untold comments are the biggest impulse to say, just ask her to take care of your children while you are a hairdresser, a beautician, and even suggest that you work every week. You may have just waited for this, but you may also have to think twice about criticizing it.

Do you eat something meaningful?

Usually, persistent and suckling babies tend to munch on their moms over and over again. If you want to talk about this topic with the asker, ask them for details on what is meaningful / normal / normal. Then, with the answer you have, you can disguise it with untruthful truth. You give the baby the best bioavailability around the world, protect against diseases, reduce risk of infarction, diabetes and high blood pressure all the time, drink, it stimulates brain development, it has as much of it as you need, and is absolutely free. If anyone can make more sense than that, give birth!

Are you having a good night's rest?

Probably this is the request and topic that most people are asked to answer, "cosmetic", because some people consider it to be the most important part of a child's sleep. Yet, in the early years of life, it is wholly common and normal to be awakened many times overnight, and, of course, like all other phenomena, it also has its own meaning and purpose in evolutionary terms. So, decide whether to put on a glove and talk about it with a deeper meaning of life or shoot it down with some black humor:
- Fortunately, he doesn't sleep, but at least I don't have to worry about being sick!
- She's not sleeping because she's found to carry a special umbrella, which causes her to spend the night awake like her father. This is a genetic trait for us.

When are you planning a little sister?

If you find yourself tending to overly intimate areas, ask a quick twist: And you? Or: What has influenced the length of time between birth of children?

Shouldn't this kid be bothered? My little son was running halfway!

No matter when your child starts to go / wake up / live, he / she is sure to do it too soon or start it. If the idea sounds like it is too early, then the question is: What is this child so hyperactive about? This cannot be overcome with energy! Or is it normal that you get up before you sleep? This will make you dyslexic in the near future! As you can see, everyone is a born developer and his or her own child is developing. However, as long as they are not introduced to the fact that heritability points can be earned every month that a child precedes their average age in movement, you have nothing to worry about, even if you are a born paramami.

+1 award winning request from my own practice

"Tell me, sweetheart, mom or grandmother about this little baby girl?" - asked the woman on the market, after a whole deception of her first post-flu flu shot, when Ilonka's girlfriend (her fourth child, then 43) was queuing up with her in her backpack. This is something that I will never be able to solve. It's like rusty iron. It only occurred to me five years later that I should have answered, "Thank you for the cool assumption, but I'm a jedi!" Related articles:
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