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Segнtsйg! It does not breathe when it is raining!

Segнtsйg! It does not breathe when it is raining!

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What should you do if your baby does not breathe when he or she wakes?

Don't be afraid! It's a scary thing to do strong bullet, rarely other respiratory distress (affective apnea), the little one will surely breathe. Because of the lack of oxygen, elбjulhat, it triggers the refresh in a few seconds in reflex mode.
After the first few occasions, they recommend a medical examination to rule out (mostly) any abnormality (a morbid predisposition may occur when similar cases have occurred in the family).
They don't think it is seriousKeep in mind that children are not hysterics about parent blackmail, nor should you consider it as a good behavior. The second-third time you notice the signs before you stop breathing: the sound of the moan changes, more rarely, they breathe small things. Head over your nose, in your mouth, close your face, your neck with cold wet hands, this will make you breath.
Pick it up and take it close to you. Divert your attention a little, but don't yelland don't be afraid of it! You may also get tired even if you are ready, because you will not be able to do it yourself. Put it on the page so that your tongue does not slip. After the scene, it may seem tired, let it rest for a while.
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