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Symptoms and treatment of bending in children

Symptoms and treatment of bending in children

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What do you need to know about a contagious disease, which occasionally pops in your head despite the need for vaccination? Important information on bending symptoms, treatment, events, and helpful tips.

What is a bend?

Bends (Morbilli in Latin) is a highly contagious disease that it spreads from person to person by drip infectionand has a flabby, catarrhal introductory phase and a subsequent protruding phase. A family of deceptive RNA viruses. In Hungary, due to childhood compulsory vaccination, only cases of congestion occur, but in the developing world, it is responsible for thousands of children. In all countries where vaccination is somehow a cause (see vaccination), local laws can be counted on. Unfortunately, these are reminiscent of both the course and outcome of the pre-vaccination period. THE bends usually occur in the first year of life, but non-vaccinated people may become ill at any age. It is important that who once made a living on a bend, brings to life a defense acquires.

The occurrence and spread of bends

The fertхzцtt kanyarу vнrusбval szemйly felkцhцgцtt posts by these people, lebegх the levegхben cseppecskйk belйgzйsйvel, or the eye kцtхhбrtyбjбn keresztьl spread, or, if these droplets kerьlve kьlцnfйle tбrgyak felьletйre, get into йrintйs posts by these people in the organization (magyarбn kцhцgйs, tьsszentйs йs orrvбladйkkal and nyбllal contact kerьlt , not washed by hand). Trapped in the nose and throat, the virus adheres, and coughing, on the occasion of the holiday, outdoors, where it is still about. it remains infectious across the urine.It multiplies in the body in the sperm cells and in the surrounding lymph nodes. Turn 2-4 before turning to appear. from day one, the skin disease is infectious until the fourth day. Latency is around 7-11 days. The disease is extremely contagious and 90% of people living in public households are infected.

Symptoms of a bend

After incubation, you may start with fever, fever, runny nose, sore throat, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, or if you have vomiting, diarrhea, colorectal mucosa, After a few days in the trapezoid blue-white spots appearon a light reddish background. These Call it a blotch patch, 1-2 millimeters in diameter, sometimes bleeding.In the next stage, the outbreaks also appear on the skin, parallel to which the fever suddenly rises (up to 40 degrees), at the tip of the bend.The spots on the body first distinct pinkish reddish changesthat merge with the spread. The changes disappear at the touch of a finger. The spots are red and red on the skin, but less prominent. First, they appear on the ears, on the scalp, and then cover the head and limbs, and in the middle they lick the cheeks. Not very strong, but itchy, sometimes bleeding, and this can take up to 4-7 days to complete. THE curvature severity proportional to the number of trips and convoluted features. At the same time, the lymph nodes in the vicinity may become swollen. In the case of a weakened immune system, the symptoms can even go away, and in adults, the symptoms may be abdominal pain, liver, and yellowing.3-5 days later the body temperature drops, there is improvement, and all remaining exudates quickly subside (following the order of appearance), with small, fluffy lumps, brown spots sometimes visible, but no permanent scars. The bend is in the majority of cases It takes place within 1-3 weeks.If the bend becomes pregnant during pregnancy, the fetus becomes ill. This infection causes severe symptoms in the unborn child or can lead to miscarriage and premature birth.

Handle the bend

Diagnosis of bending can be made on the basis of the symptoms listed above (can also be detected by laboratory methods if needed), although it is true that I currently have a home pediatric medical practitioner with whom I am a member.It is important that phone to schedule an appointment in the case of a bend with a child, suspect that we should definitely go to the entrance for infectious patients and do not infect others!
Targeted treatment does not include: the patient with a curvature is put to bed, comfortable. Antibiotic fever is effective against paracetamol or ibuprofen, but in the case of secondary bacterial infection, the antibiotic is inevitable and is often administered under local conditions. Abundant fluid intake is important and can help with vaporization.

The consequences of a bend

Usually it heals without an infection, but in every thousand cases it can lead to death. Most events occur when the patient's immune system is impaired for some reason (infants, the elderly, patients with AIDS, or those treated for cancer, leukemia, and congenital immunodeficiency). Child malnutrition also plays an important role in the developing world.
It can include: pneumonia (especially in infants), otitis media, cerebrovascular accident, swelling of the heart, but also latent tuberculosis (TB). Secondary bacterial infections, especially pneumonia, can rarely have a fatal outcome. Children with bends are particularly prone to infection by streptococcal bacteria.
One of the most terrific little events in the bend (a few decades later) is yours. subacute sclerotic panic encephalitis (SSPE), a chronic form of brain inflammation that causes death in a few years. This is very rare, occurring at 1: 100,000.

Preventing a bend

In our country, 15-month-olds are required for compulsory vaccination (younger babies are at greatest risk in a curve), with a trivalent, ie, three component. The MMR vaccine concomitantly immunizes against measles, mumps (inflammation of the thyroid gland) and rubella (smallpox), in three weakened versions. This procedure is called active immunization. Reminder vaccine will be given to 11 year olds in 6th grade. Missed vaccination can be vaccinated at any age. Vaccination provides very good protection.It is important that you are vaccinated bending mother teaches her child to defend against her antibodies, which takes much of the first year of life. However, as time elapses, there is a high degree of bending tooth curvature.The vaccination acute febrile illness, infectious disease during latency, impaired immune system, immunosuppressive treatment, cannot be given during pregnancy, but HIV / AIDS is not a contraindication.The bend is sensitive to the effects of the book, Loses its infectious power in 1-1,5 days at room temperatureso basic hygiene can help reduce the risk of infection: airborne uranium remains infectioussuch as high temperature, ultraviolet radiation, various types of fatty acids and disinfectants.

Know about the bend

Anti-vaccine protests have often been voiced against MMR vaccination, suggesting a link between the vaccine and the development of autism and some inflammatory diseases. For now, this debate seems to be overcoming - although viral portals and groups spreading virtually on the Internet are losing ground again - as scientific evidence has vaccinees are still decreasing turn-by-turn turning up in advanced countries (see the Romanian case of 2017 in Hungary), though a higher rate of vaccination could almost completely eliminate the disease from the Earth.Our country is also 98 percent vaccinated, and according to the March 2017 report of the BNTSZ, there were no cases of domestic-born bending disease in 2002 (it was repeated in 2017), and there were only 12 cases related to incidence and incidence dr. For János, a specialist in infectology, internal medicine and immunology