We have tested 5 pop gadgets

We have tested 5 pop gadgets

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At first it is just a little red, then it is bright, it gets small in the bad case, and in the very worst case the baby is unable to stay in the baby carriage in the back infirmity, and even the carrier carries it, and just sorrows.

Well, we can talk about nappies at this point ... A sneaky monster, because in general, it is not always possible to decide the direction in which the initial little redness moves. Unfortunately we have two babies in diapers, and even in the case of not-so-full pelas, baby babies can completely explode, and at this point, if we know what to do ...


Yeah, friends. Once in a while we get a small "promotion pack" for the baby after birth, and it is better to drop into the diaper immediately. He can do a very good service, he "puts down" the redness. It fixes the problem in just two days. Sudocrem, which can be used for a lot of things, was successfully applied on my own hand to a smaller degree.

Bioderma ABC

When my mother learned that one of the most uncomfortable external symptoms of our toothless and painless tooth was often a very red butt, she searched for the latest and most effective product on the market. So a Bioderma popcorn and a bath went into the house. Even though we loved the latter, unfortunately we could not really use the buttocks because its ingredients and mechanism of action are designed to cool the reddened skin. Unfortunately, however, my daughter was pissed off and squeamish at this because she could not really separate the feelings, and she could not, began to flush. After all, we had to wash the cream off immediately. Now we use it in a mixture of insects, for the cooling of insects. It works. But then I'll make a dime with him.


Also perfect for trouble. During the summer, we slept several times while we were sleeping in a stranger, and I was not prepared for this unexpected blow, so I was able to check out my little boyfriend's arsenal. Many people use Neogranormon, and not by accident. In one night, you can achieve about 80-90 percent improvement over the night.

Johnson and Johnson

I also got a small and handy tube in a brand sample kit. It's good if you don't need Sudocrem yet. Easy to apply, nice cream, handles minor redness well, just throw it right into your bag next to Sudocrem.

Dr. Sepp

Yeah. The 100 percent solution. In the family jargon, my son changed "pp" on the very end to simply "gg". One time, when I was walking around the street in the late autumn that hit me all the way, I was dressed in a cloth with a teenage kid who hadn't bothered to live in a baby stroller, ) is based on a superpump that most resembles the grease. I didn't have much confidence in it because I didn't know how underneath this mousse the breathing skin would go down the healing line, but look awesome! The other morning, I picked out a soft-and-soft kid's butt from the diaper. Since then, if you have a smaller glass tube, I will always have a portion, because it can't hurt us if we have one.