Ideas to Turn OffThe little ones need to relax the most. But no matter how!

Ideas to Turn OffThe little ones need to relax the most. But no matter how!

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Now we can do it generously, taking time out for everything that is good for our hearts and good for our bodies. At first, it may seem like a bounty, but in the end it turns out that there is no better investment than stockpiling!

Need some relaxation

We don't want to frighten anyone into saying that after the birth of a child, you still have time to shower and eat only if you are lucky, because this is obviously not true, even though many people feel that the situation is even lighter at first. What is certain, however, is that a childish lifestyle will make the difference. To the right of our reserves, our confidence and our inner calmness, whether we are making a change is a killing or a life-challenging new challenge.
Unfortunately, women are predisposed to pushing back their own people, their needs and their desires. Many of us think so, they have obligations that must be met - everywhere. It is common to see family peace and the well-being of a well-to-do household when everything glitters and blinks at home, when you make household dirt daily, and you can adapt to any situation right away. Of course, it is not a bad thing if all of this is actually accomplished with ease, but you do not have to get into it, if you do not.
Nine months of pregnancy is a great time to think through these questions and order in time, at ease, with our partner. The time spent on our own health, relaxation and fun is always busy! We collect a few ideas where to look for when it is off, to recharge, and what tricks we can use to accomplish our tasks.

Evening programs

The baby won't even have to ring at home, but there are places where you rarely go with babies and small children. For example, cinema, theater, opera. It is worthwhile to dive into the program because the variety of smaller cinemas is downright stunning and very varied. Instead of action movies and horror horrors, we find plenty of noteworthy creations!
You can visualize the full supply of theaters because it is possible that we will be staying in the world of dolls for a few years. Amateur shows and avant-garde groups can offer pleasant surprises.
Of course, one does not go to the opera every week, but even if classical music has never been one of our favorites, it is worthwhile to give it a go. In the evening with a big tummy? This is not to be missed! Fetuses choose Mozart Don Giovanni or the Magic Flute. Even the heavier lines don't scare off Wagner.
Visit a literary bookstore on some days. Besides fine dining, you can attend interesting chamber performances, author evenings, and concerts.
The point is: let's go to places you've never been to before. Practicing openness and flexibility, we will not regret it!

Benefits in the household

While it is wonderful to have a baby, it is not always possible to turn it around. In the case of second-hand items, the child will be endlessly happy, and the money saved will be used to make purchases that will ease the chores of the house. In a city apartment, you can do good service like luxury drapes, cleaning faster, easier with a good dust level. The kitchen can save you a lot of time with a dishwasher, but let's not forget about the small dish and the well-functioning cookware.
It will be easier for us to fill the doldrums and accumulate huge amounts of resources so that we do not run out at the most inopportune moment. Many hypermarkets are looking for home delivery, let's explore the possibilities!

Between friends

Our friendly friends in similar shoes will not run out of gear. It is also important to listen to the experience of others, as this is the most practical way to make a request. It is possible to spend on a single talk, a joint call or a gymnast. Let's not forget the friends who are still very much missed by childhood. Transiently, it may seem difficult for them to find common ground, and it may be frustrating that even in the absence of their own experience, they may be reluctant to comment on issues related to parenting, pregnancy, and parenting. It's worth getting over these points, as old-fashioned friendship can be revived, and new content can be added if given the chance.

New hairstyle, refreshing facial massage

It is true that pregnancy hormones make your face appear rounder and smoother than ever before, so beautician should go for it anyway, at least for a refreshing facial massage or facial mask. When designing a new hairstyle, keep in mind that after childbirth, you will not have the time or the patience to curl your hair daily. When the hairdresser finishes well, the hairpieces are almost automatically placed in place. Do not be afraid to make bold changes, they are very revitalizing.

Goodbye to your favorite pets?

Do we need to count all the household pets in the home? Many people fear that pets, especially cats, are a danger to the unborn baby. Fortunately, this is not the case; all you have to do (cleaning your cat's cat, littering the litter, cleaning the parrot cage) are other family members.
Try to clean your pet's home more often than usual and consult a veterinarian if you are concerned about your pet's changes or signs of illness. Feeding your dog is just a task for little ones, so we provide daily exercise and walking. However, it is important to think about whether or not to change your animal husbandry conditions after your baby arrives, depending on the circumstances of the pregnancy. Excessive sterility is not required for either the mother or the baby.

Should I buy clothes for this couple of months?

This is what many mothers say when they try to convince themselves to spend as little money as possible on their clothes. However, most of today's trendy maternity items are more than just tummy-wearing.
Instead of bridesmaid pants, there are a variety of really feminine, cheerful and well-worn garments, not to mention the fact that after birth you will not lose weight for another day, So, for an adventure, it's worth checking out an exciting space that will surely add a few cool pieces to your wardrobe.
As a fall, going to aquafitnes is a great and fun activity for your little ones, even for a swimsuit or at least a pretty little bikini that is useful as well.

We'll get more at home

Yes, it's worth thinking about. Do you have a soft, huge rug that you can sleep on and play with? Is it wide enough for both baby and father to comfortably sleep? Or is it possible to arrange the apartment so that beside the parents' bed, the baby can also be found in the immediate vicinity? Can I listen to music or watch movies? With babies, it is much more comfortable for us to schedule when and what movie to watch. It is also worth developing your home DVD collection.
Hint: In one or two years after the birth, the party was replaced by a home movie club. We picked a movie to watch with our friends in the living room, and afterwards we had a debate about them. It was no problem to sometimes run into the bathroom while breastfeeding. Everyone brought a rich drink with them. If your baby has to go on a hard lifestyle, you won't miss anything, as you can take part in conversations while lying down.

Let's be more alone

Let's spend time together! - It seems like a place to work, though it's probably the most important thing to do when it comes to baby dolling. Family changes are great when it comes to family, and it's good to discuss all your concerns and doubts in a timely manner. We tend to focus solely on birth, although organizing the days and weeks to come is perhaps even more important.
It is worth traveling for a long weekend and going out, relaxing, having a picnic and reading together. And the mornings! Most babies get up in the daytime, so take the time to sleep as long as you like and allow time.
Hint: Even a trip to Venice, Rome, Amsterdam or London can be the destination of a couple's getaway. By plane you can take you to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe under one umbrella. A relaxed museum tour, city screening, and local specialty tasting is a rewarding experience that you would want to give up and make it harder for a kid to organize such programs. However, it should be taken into account in the design that most medical companies have certain restrictions on the delivery of pregnant women to prevent the baby from being born on board.
- After Week 28, you will only be issued with a medical certificate from the passenger's status at the expected date of birth.
- After the 36th week, you can only start your journey with a medical certificate that is no older than six days.
- From week 38 onwards, you can have a shorter maternity transfer and a medical certificate not older than six days.

Really good books

During the nine months, there may be times when it is better to crawl and lie down than to live your busy life. If you have to spend a couple of days in the hospital, the days can be a bit sluggish. Let's buy a good CD and book setup in time! Also provide batteries and chargers for playback.

The baby is born!

But how will we communicate to friends and business? Prepare your address, e-mail, and phone numbers ahead of time, and see your cards ready or ordered.