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More money for families in 2020

More money for families in 2020

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The government is already working on the second fraud action plan, which aims to provide young people with the best tools they can to start a family, start a family, and have a career in childhood.

More money for families in 2020 (photo: iStock)Orbán Balaz said the government had taken a number of measures to support family and childhood. "The child comes first for us," he said. He added: In 2017, the family tax system was introduced, doubling the family allowance for two-child families. They started the home improvement program and introduced the childhood extras. Balazs Orbán published: By the end of September, 117,000 families had applied for the Family Home Benefit (chocolate). This, calculated on the basis of the average number of children, represents almost half a million people. the 2020 budget will be the family budget. Family support increases to nearly $ 2,228 billion, about 2.5 times the amount of 2010.
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