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Are you pregnant or pregnant?

Are you pregnant or pregnant?

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"I'm in another condition. You know, in a blessed state. I'm pregnant, so you got it?" - Our tongue uses many expressions when a mother conveys a fetus. They all have other meanings and messages, with some emotional content. You change when one is true.

Terhessйg? Vбrandуssбg? Have you blessed your status?

Terhessйg? Vбrandуssбg? Blessed the state? What's the status? Whether which suits you best to express your childbirth, the 9 months before a baby's mother is growing up? Each. What these words express, one by one, characterize the life of a pregnant woman, only at a different time, in another trimester, and then in another mood and life. it is no coincidence that we have so many words in the past called a pregnancy.

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Pregnancy, as an expression, has undergone a transformation in the last century. Latin gravid meaning serious, heavy, pregnant; and gravity means gravity. They are still useful in the medical nomenclature. Even though you are visiting every pregnant doctor today, there have been barely any people who have been ill before.How do you call today the time from fertility to childbirth? Foreword, Blessed State, Other State; So the pregnant woman is in a pregnant, pregnant, or blessed state. What were the names of pregnant women in the past (or even today in certain cultures)? Wearing, belly, color, fake, weighty, thick, wide, portable, swapped, wistful, not good for clothes, etc. But what does a woman really feel like: pregnant or blessed The suggestion is not merely philosophical, as the true meaning of the words is accompanied by real feelings, wavering moods, and even ambivalence. The problem is legitimate, "let" the little ones have ambivalent feelings, and dare to say that it happens Blessed status is much more of a pregnancy.

Why else?

The state of promise is a different state in every respect. It is full of change, fear, uncertainty. It is both mysterious and painful. It opens up a new dimension in life, but it also imposes limits and burdens. In addition to the physiological changes that have taken place over the course of nine months, there are serious psychological changes in women. Psychology in Testimony "Krнzis-szituбciу": hidden conflicts may come back and new conflicts may occur. This does not usually mean anything but a change in the normal course of life; ideally, with the advent of motherhood, it means the fulfillment of personality. And the appearance of some old, mainly childhood griefs may also be topical, which should be processed periodically, as it is not for the mother to pass them on to her newborn child. As a result of bodily changes, women appreciate her body image (her whole being under pregnancy), and her relationship with her own womanhood. Your relationship system is rearranged. She changes her relationship with her boyfriend, with whom she has to prepare for her new role, the parent role. Her relationship with her mother shifts from being a child to an equal partner. As a result of these and trimester changes, your need for weakness and safety is strengthened, and other sensations are prioritized.

Can a prospective mother know such a thing?

What kind of psychological changes occur in each trimester? The first trimester, when a keen pregnant mother eats instead of two, is a period of sickness and ambivalence, of duality. When they are dry, they are in no other condition. She is worried and anxious that everything is going to be okay (she often hides her condition), but sometimes she feels like a little parasite is growing and needs to give her so much. Solve babies out of guilt if they feel that way. Because somebody learns that they will have a child, it is not uncommon for them to love it, they need to learn. You have to learn how to get in touch with her, how to love what's right for her. It is normal for a baby to realize that "I want it and not," because besides my joy, the load and the load are increasing. Her life changes drastically as she becomes a lame woman, a mother.You can be stressed by the overwhelming social expectation that having a baby can only be beautiful and happy, but the mother (mostly) does not like it, , etc. It is arrogant that there are dangers and burdens, but it is not appropriate to speak. Because a potential mother of something does not feel that way. However, these ambivalent sensations must not be suppressed, but must also be made aware in social terms. It is important to consider the following: What is the burden of pregnancy? What's the burden of everything? What are the positives of the burden? Unless you deny that you are a burden, you can consider it probby and think about what it will do to have a baby.What do you do a vбrandуssбg? What can be a blessing for a child? What does it mean for her to have blood in this situation? What's the matter now that she has a baby? What is finally thinking? What are you sorry about and what are you up to? What begins with the baby's arrival in life? What are you up to in this new phase of your life? How are you preparing for your future?

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In the second trimester, when fetal movements start, women feel really excited. It turns inward, which is an opportunity for spiritual work. This can be reflected in your mental and physical condition as well as in your relationship with the environment.What are the important questions you might have about a baby? What resources do you have in this other situation? Who and what can you rely on? Who or what gives him security, what reassures him? How does she feel about her own womanhood, how do you view yourself as a woman now? How does your relationship with your couple change with your child's blood? How is your relationship with your parents changing now that you are baby? What do you think to be a mother? What are you most concerned about in this situation?

If you have a heavy load

The third trimester is the period of emotional instability and profound mood swings when a pregnant mother is in need of protection. Fearful reactions can intensify; from premature birth, possible developmental abnormalities, how the baby will be (due to pain, service), what kind of mother will be, will there be a need for a woman afterwards, increased physical function, and then concentrate on the task of parenting. Think about what you "expect" about your childhood. What will it look like? What kind of nature will it be? And also what to look forward to with your childhood and childbirth. physical and psychological changes New opportunities and tasks bring every little baby to life. This results in an increased openness in the form, which also requires the processing of new features. Changing sensations and thoughts, wavering moods, and even inappropriate sensations are a condition that must be accompanied by acceptance and not by disapproval or negative judgment.These will also be useful:
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