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Pricing: It's hard to decide whether you're blessed or not

Pricing: It's hard to decide whether you're blessed or not

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Energiamegtakarнtбs? A natural light more than an urn? Fewer accidents and crimes? We might not think so, but all of these are equally affected by resettlement! Just like our organization.

Education: It bears young children too

October 29, 3 pm the pointers are back in a hell - so we can sleep on it. But does our body feel that way? Since the introduction of summer and winter timing, it has been argued that there is only a "sunny" side to everything, or that the benefits are quite different from the downsides.

Pro or rather against?

For the sake of our health, it is useful to make the most of the daytime living, as we can be more up to date in daylight. It's dark in the winter unfortunately, the pet saver does not change the savage. In addition, twice a year changes the body of infants, children and the elderly, as well as sleep disorders and organ disease.

Let's pay attention to the negative effects!

Adolescent and adult children are equally affected. Don't be scared if It takes 1-2 weeks for us to get used to the new countdown! But if we are prepared in advance, the change will be less burdensome for everyone. "Many of our organizations are particularly burdened with the upkeep. Frequent complaints about discomfort, headache, inattention and diminished concentration. These periods are characterized by the overturning of the sleep cycle, difficulty in falling asleep, and feeling sleepless at wake. Irritable and irritable we could be. It is therefore very important that we invest more in ourselves during this time, "he said. Dr. Tyth-Dombn Judit, a member of the Buda Health Center, the self-proclaimed Buda Health Center.

How to deal with distress?

  • Let's get up half an hour before in the morning, so we gradually get used to the changed conditions. For our small child, we make the change easier by moving the time of the day, the time of the day, the time of the day, the time of the day, the time of the day, the time of the day, the time of day.
  • Let's run in the morningor walk. Fresh air and exercise help serotonin to be stored in the brain, which facilitates adaptation. Take advantage of the last autumn sunny days and get your kid used to the sun.
  • We eat light foods rich in vitamins and lots of fluids. If you have trouble sleeping, soothing teas, herbs - lemon juice, lavender - call for help.
  • Let's do sports! A release exercise will spoil our body, reduce fatigue, and relieve stress and ensure a good night's sleep.
  • After listening to the lover, listen to our inner lips and stop when it indicates a rest. Especially when we are driving a car or doing an activity that is dangerous.
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