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Plaster falls on children's dining at a school

Plaster falls on children's dining at a school

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The building of the Zrnnyi Ilona Elementary School in Belváros, Kecskemét is in a very bad condition, and many parents are thinking that because of the inadequate heating and the plaster, they are going to drop their children because of the high standard of education.

The tank area does this from time to time, but it would require more extensive refurbishment. According to the expert order they ordered, the accident is not dangerous.Plaster falls on children's dining at a school Zrnnyi has been one of the best elementary schools in Kecskemét for decades. A parent who spoke to the Index without saying a word told him that he had invited his child to this institution because he had come here, and the standard of education had not deteriorated, and he could continue to learn more and more. You are in a state of mind, so we are considering taking your child out of the institution. In 2011, for example, a plaster fell on a toddler and his cornea broke. The plaster fell on the next ceiling, according to Index sources, and it may have fallen into the children's dining room. The parents have tried to break the plaster three times in the past years to prevent trouble. For two weeks last year, there was no heating in the school, the system is outdated, the pipes are old. Parents brought in sheets and radiators, but there was still a student who got sick due to the cold. According to reports, the toilets and washbasins are in a terrible state of flux. Because of this, the parents' work community had to put up with the obstruction, because it was not done by anyone else instead.
While there is maintenance in the school, they are folded and folded from time to time, but it would require a much more serious overhaul. Parents have received a reassurance from the tanker that they will undergo professional examinations to assess how dangerous the state of school life is. And three days later, the expert opinion has come out that the school is not at risk. sustained since 2013, and operational since 2017, non-governmental. According to the local йrtesьlйsek vбros vezetйse egyйbkйnt it has already indicated the minisztйrium felй to cйlszerы have happened if the цnkormбnyzat йpьletenergetikai beruhбzбsбval pбrhuzamosan megvalуsulhatna full rekonstrukciу is.Az Index approached the Kecskemйti Tankerьleti Kцzpontot, received this vбlaszt of the page kйrdйseire: biztonsбgos ellentйtben the hнresztelйsekkel The Zrnnyi Ilona Elementary School of Belváros in Kecskemét, the accident-prone parts of the Kecskemét Tankerullet Center have been closed down and the restoration work started. The building's fire, lightning, and lightning protection audit was completed on September 1, 2019. The result of the inspection is not an error that causes an immediate accident hazard. (…) The demolition of loose plaster and corroded elements has been reversed, and the Tank District Center is currently making the necessary preparations for the restoration so that the construction work can begin as soon as possible. (…) It is planned that the facade will be restored by the end of October.