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Business Tips for Young Women

Business Tips for Young Women

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It's hard to tune in to work when you're in diapers. However, the months and years may pass and we are thinking more and more about what will happen next. In our review, we are losing out on opportunities for small business women who are interested in doing business.

Even those who have jobs and worry about them can be worried about them. Other mothers had never worked or stopped working when they were at home with the child. Unfortunately, employers do not lose out when it comes to recruiting with "child labor" with small children.
We need a job, money is needed, and we are not in a hurry to catch up, no matter what our business. In such cases, the idea of ​​doing business often arises. People are often dressed in gold-plated black Mercis, a cigar, a steady cellphone, a three-man bodyguard mafiao. But the owner of the polar shop, the hairdresser, the math teacher who corrects our cousin, and the accountant of our sister - they do business too! Now!
However, there are many who they have too much of an attitude about the business. The expectant mother assumes that it is easier to fulfill the role of a mother with small children and a working woman earning money.

Yeah, the business

Ask if we are suitable for business creation. That's really different than being an employee! We must have the entrepreneurial skills, the appropriate professional and managerial skills. It is a good idea to start a business if you have useful relationships - acquaintances, family, friends, ex-employees. Good communication skills are very important - this is what new and successful businesses in the world are doing.

An engaged mother can cope both at home and at work

It is only worth starting a business with your partner, as you will need the help of your housework when it comes to scheduling. Without the support of the family, it is very difficult to work.

It's a good business idea

The idea is usually no shortage. Just visit the condo or village and see what's successful. Then why don't we do the same thing, or on the contrary, what doesn't - why not do it right now? Boutiques, turquoise, garage-operated grocery stores can give this thought a few months of sight and a quick sinking. For that kind of business can save the family or bank loan coverage.
Listen to the problems of others! For example, it might be nice to open a pet shelter because our acquaintances can't place their pets or vacation kittens for those who work longer than kindergarten hours.
However, it is not enough if you like the idea and your friends are sure to give it a go. We need to do market research to make sure there are enough customers willing to pay as much as we can imagine - as much as is necessary to keep the business going. It is a common mistake to start from the professional knowledge and experience that you have acquired as an employee. Businesses often sneer afterwards, "If I knew this when I started ..." There is a lot to know, be aware of, and be prepared with, just enough perseverance.

Excerpted ideas: franchise

If you are not able to make a good idea out of lack of material resources, you should consider whether you could enter a franchise system. By buying a franchise, we buy a well-known name, a business concept that others have already tried in practice. Franchise-based businesses are more commonly known as McDonalds or Pizza Hut, but there are a number of similarities from image frameworks to image systems. There is something about entering the franchiseand not too few.
This includes entrance costs, start up advertising costs, building up a certain inventory, and staff training. In return, the franchisee will help with everything from the start, and will provide a reliable source of material, a significant amount of advertising, and further training of the staff. There is less risk involved in swapping than in other start-ups. It is also an advantage that a franchise with an introduced name is a much safer business than starting from scratch.
However, it should also be borne in mind that not only the entrance fee but also the monthly royalties are usually paid on a monthly basis. The business plan, elaborated by others in every detail, leaves little room for your own initiative. It can also be harmful if you have problems with the system for reasons beyond your control.
A franchise is worth entering if the system is already secure, successful, generating sufficient income, and grants exclusive rights to the franchise in a particular geographic area. Searching for a personalized franchise system a Hungarian Franchise Association we can also ask for help (Phone: 212-4124, mail: 1536 Budapest Pf. 446)

Х he has it! She brought home Paris fashion

Krulik Dуra is the owner of the French Formes maternity clothing store, and we often show Formes clothing in our fashion section. We are waiting for you very soon! In the domestic supply of maternity clothes, Formes company represents the demanding, up-to-date Parisian fashion. The young entrepreneur is expecting a second baby during our chat. Dalma, the big and two-and-a-half-year-old, is very at home in the profitable business. It was eight days when Dуri opened the shop.
- It takes a lot of determination for a mother to start a new business with her young child just learning to come. You think so?
- It's a very one thing. I love my impression, just as I am looking forward to the little Lady, but there has always been a lot in my life. I can get the most out of myself when I have a hot air and a lot of work to do. I'm sure I can do the most for my baby and my kids. Only one who sees everything else is difficult to see.
When the solutions come to fruition, the machine runs smoothly. Of course, sometimes everything goes wrong, and so do the recycle books. If necessary, I will seek help. For a moment, I do not think that all women should have a career with young children. Those who need to raise their children between the walls of their home will choose to be happy this way.
- The choice should be made in good time.
- That's so true. For me, in this business, everything I love is one. I use all the languages ​​I learned at that time, and at the level of the College of Applied Arts in Paris, I base my work. At home, I still have fashion designers, I will feel the same way once again, and I want to make clothes with my name. And as we say, all of this could not have happened if I had not received all the support from my parents at home. I am not only thinking about material, but also about thinking, incentives.
- How did you find Formes? Why did you just choose them?
- When I was studying in Paris, I had to look for a fashion house where I could do an internship. At that time, Formes' kittens aroused my interest. Secondly, when I was studying for a little baby, I came across the chic when I was pregnant. I liked the fact that I was able to keep my style of dressing so tummy.
I was able to wear these sophisticated, adjustable clothes throughout my pregnancy. After graduating from college, I moved home from Paris last time pregnant, and was surprised to see them born in Trans-Midwest, where I bought these fashionable baby clothes. The idea was that there was a demand and demand for French French clothes in Hungary as well.
Twenty-two years ago, Formes was founded Daniel Boudon designer and owner, and today has sixty-nine stores all over the world, from Paris to Tokyo. Because we operate in a franchise system, every Formes business must adhere to very strict requirements. We carefully examine the conditions, the individual, we do not risk the failure of the company to fail.
- Did you and I give you the opportunity?
- The name of Budapest has already ringed in Paris, but I have never been convinced of the details: why not the Mammut store, not the downtown, the more elegant neighborhoods, and so much more ... We talked for six months, and it took six weeks to set up the business itself.
- They could rest assured that the business in Budapest did not name it.
- The success surprised them, and we shouldn't deny that. Every year, they rank the top sixty-nine countries in the world, and after another year, I open the middle of the box. Obviously, this is because I was asked to open a business in several neighboring capitals. But this will only come next. Now, I expect Lydda, and Dalma are the most important.

Possibility or hopping? About Multilevel Marketing

What should we do if you have no idea or money? At this point you realize that you are something we enter a seemingly attractive networksuch as Amway, Zepter, Avon, Oriflame. These systems are called multilevel marketing systems. There is no indirect between these producers and the end user, so you can use a very high price, which is what the intermediaries (often called consultants) pay for well.
Besides that MLM system another key element is that many salespeople work instead of a small, efficient sales network, and are able to sell much less overall in March. Within the network, trainings are provided for co-workers, and they can also help with their work. Today in Hungary, MLM is contradictory.
Unfortunately, there are many systems that are or are operating, which are called MLM networks, well-branded pyramid games, where only those at the highest level of the hierarchy get real bus benefits - the rest of the entry money is. On the other hand, "adventurers" who hope to produce unprecedented, quick and easy income, often disgustingly violate them, try to make good and expensive products.
Although this form of business does not give rise to rapid enrichment, it can bring great results to those who work consistently, to a high standard. Scheduling is free, but be aware that MLM requires time to earn a decent income. Not only sales, but also trending time, maintaining and upgrading the network, product shipping, and administration require a lot of time.

MLM - Illustrate without

Let's think for a moment before entering:
1. How good are the products offered by the network? If you are weak and dumb, then the network will surely keep up with the cost of starting packages that you have to buy from new entrants. If only a member of the network can buy the product, the system is not valid. In this case, the product is not very marketable, the wonderful effects and attributes attributed to it are fantasy characters.
2. What kind of investment does the startup need? The high value starter packages are probably covered with a pyramid game.
3. What do you know about the company so far? If, at a meeting, you are prompted to enter by "giving them a huge discount now, the great opportunity will never come back to you", you still have to resist and only have enough information. And this is not provided by the "councilor" who has a financial interest in saying yes.
4. What kind of security does the company offer to customers?
5. How long is this activity required?
6. How much do I need to value in order to get my costs (transport, phone) at least?
7. Do I feel prepared to give presentations and try to organize my acquaintances and friends into the network?
8. Finally, everyone should seek advice from someone who is a member of the network and sincerely share their experiences before making a decision.

Of which there are always few: money, money, money

First and foremost, you have to make it clear: without money, no one can start a business. However, getting started does not start with making money, but with writing the business idea in writing. The business plan includes answers to all the business inquiries that you need to look for before you start. What exactly will be our product, our service? Who will be our customers, what are their needs and financial opportunities?
What our competition is, and what are we better at? What can we learn from them? What prices do we sell, where and how? Where, how, with whom do we operate our business? Last but not least, you need to make a financial plan to see exactly how much start-up capital you need and how long you need to "make money" with your own cash before making a business. When applying for a bank loan, we must also present the business plan.


- Commercial banks give credit to start-ups today, but this is not a bad idea, interest rates are above inflation and real estate collateral is needed.
They work in all county locations and larger cities business development centers, from which you can apply for micro-credit on more favorable terms than bank loans. Supporting the Széchenyi Plan's businesses with well-defined conditions should provide support for the defined areas of activity - it does not have to be rewarded, it has to be rewarded get it.


Today, the labor market is changing in Hungary. There is a growing number of employees in the company who work under the counter and account. It is an easy thing that cannot be avoided, and this process will continue in the future. This form comes with greater responsibility but also greater autonomy. Whoever puts himself in such a position is you have to make sure you are safe (social security, rest assured), this is not done automatically by the company that pays the contributions. A "number" who puts less money into a single company can negotiate a higher income for himself, and often can spend more time than he would have.
Let us not be afraid to assess our potential, waste our lack of knowledge, learn new things and start new. Our children are not desperate, hopeless mothers, but are born to themselves, a prosperous and secure parent in the world.

Where Can Parents Help?

- Business in connection with the launch: SEED Small Business Development Foundation, 1024 Budapest, Rómer Flуris utca 22-24. Phone: 212-2179, 316-4987,
- Regarding work return, the "Baby-Mama Center" Foundation organizes regular gatherings and consultations. You can contact the program at 06-20-438-1607.
- Holdam Association, the first civilian maternal center of northern Hungary (3525 Miskolc, Széchenyi u. 19, 7th floor):
Compiled by: Zsuzsa Laczkу, Fellow of the SEED Small Business Development Foundation
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