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Nobody says that any parenting is unnecessary and even damaging. But it's certain that doctors around the world today are very generous about oxytocin infusion.


Of course, one might say, what are you doing there? The body also produces oxytocin in its natural birth. It's not a big deal to calm down, we're out of the way faster, everyone can get to work. There is only one small truth to this. It is indeed oxytocin that regulates birth, even under natural conditions. However, the oxytocin administered externally and produced by the body works entirely differently. Our own oxytocin also acts on the brain (central oxytocin), whereas Not for feelings, not for hesitation. But there is a simpler beech. Intravenous oxytocin has a similar effect on childbirth as the body and the fetus produce.1. The amount of oxytocin taken from the outside is steady, while our own oxytocin excites the body in small doses, in waves. By the action of intravenous oxytocin, the eagles are stronger and longer than can be handled well for the fetus and the litter. The fetus may be in a state of oxygen deficiency.2. The oxytocin obtained from it is deprived of the analgesic substances created by its own body. In natural childbirth, in addition to oxytocin released in the body, endorphins are also released, which reduces pain. In the case of intravenous oxytocin administration, no endorphin is released and therefore the pain is greater.3. In the case of intravenous oxytocin administration, the mucosa is not effective. Fetal oxytocin is effective in helping the uterus to contract, thereby helping the uterus to converge. Oxytocin, which is given directly, works slower and less efficiently, requiring a higher dose.4. There is no reflex for fetuses. In natural childbirth, an internal oxytocin secretion is created by the fetal lobe reflex with a strong contraction of the uterus. The immediate effect of oxytocin does not create such an intense contraction, so many mothers will "push" the baby. (Press hard as if it was a whiplash!) Otherwise, the doctor's forearm lightens the mother's abdomen to push back the reflex.5. Oxytocin produced by the body has a significant effect on the condition of the mother and baby, and on the formation of the condition. Oxytocin given intravenously does not help this, in fact, it may also reduce the effect of oxytocin on its own. Induced childbirth can increase the likelihood of the onset of psychiatric problems later on.The oxytocin produced by the body itself is much more effective and has a better effect on the processes during childbirth. We can help you and your baby's oxytocin production ourselves: breastfeeding, caressing, massage, healing all stimulate oxytocin production. What are some of the developmental milestones you should know for children of that age group? Further on Baby development at our service >>
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