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Veszprém County Csolnoky Ferenc Kуrhбz

Veszprém County Csolnoky Ferenc Kуrhбz

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This is the first time that the choice of a doctor has disappeared and only one of the Hungarian births. The picture became slightly more subtle, though the pregnant women were overjoyed with the change.

Facts, figures
- Number of births in 2008: 1750, of which 26 are cesarean section.
- There is a three-bedroom and one-bedroom living room, these are conventionally furnished.
- You can't choose a baby.
- The father can't be in the operating room for cesarean section.
- In the maternity ward, mothers can choose to have 24-hour or just day rooming.
- The hospital has a premature infant intensive care unit with a basic early life rescue service.
- Pregnancy and all examinations are done in one place in the aisle.
- The birthing course consists of thirteen occupations, and you have to pay for it.
We made the big decision in Veszprém about the termination of my doctor's choice because one of my colleagues died due to overwork. After the initial revival, the baby was well received by the pregnant mother, as they can be sure that the patient is always treated by the best possible doctor.
- Currently, the twelve doctors who work here are contracted out by the hospital, who have decided to take their parents on holiday. However, since liability insurance only applies to working hours, off-duty parenting had to be regulated separately. In addition, these doctors also contract with my mother, stating that they should not accept consideration for the birth control - dr. Imre Szilágyi, Head of Department, summarized the developments.
Although the house is relatively new, it operates around 15 years old, but is designed based on needs and ideas from the seventies. If all goes well, early 2010 will see the start of the transformation, with the formation of a single, generous baby room with butter. Now, in the case of multiple births at the same time, the father does not, only women can be born with the mother. Changes will also affect the nursery: there are now one and three two-bedroom, one-bedroom, one-bedroom with two bathrooms. The public bath will also become a lounge, and each room will have its own bathroom.
Since the birth of Várpalota, Zirc and Tapolca births, the department has seen an average increase of ten percent per year.
- There is no sewing machine in us because we use only absorbed sewing material. Cutting is done almost every first time, but trimming is not required. You can sit, stand, walk, jump on the ball, but there are so many other options for the time being. Unless it's the shawls! This is a hanging hallway that connects the nursery with the baby cot. There is a beautiful view of the city, here you can take a look around the pregnant baby - guide to the class in Szilabgy.
Dr. Judit Tamabs, a neonatologist chief medical officer, wants the hospital to acquire the title baby-friendly hospital. Now, most mothers, especially in multi-room rooms, prefer living room room, so one of the most important prerequisites is to make sure. The walls are decorated with paintings by painters from Veszprém County, and we have not seen a nutrition plaque anywhere.