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Can you forget your child?

Can you forget your child?

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Leave the petrol station or forget it in the car? Elkйpzelhetetlen! - the man finishes it right away. But it happens more and more often. And the result can be fatal.

So careful mother! - this is what everyone in Arool thought about the three-year-old English doctor who is currently in jail for murdering his two-son. The forty-year-old dr. Karen Murphy left home on June 17 last year and tied up her two-year-old son in a tight-lipped baby. He then went to the office where he worked as a veterinary surgeon. At 4:00 pm, a man called in desperate call by a man who had searched for the child in vain. It was then that Karen realized that she had made a fatal mistake in the morning rush - she had forgotten to stop sober. Hiбba rushed to the car parked in the parking lot, lost. A two-year-old baby boy who spent seven weeks alone in the hot car was already dead.

Always be the first thing you need to remember about your baby, for example, the diaper should never be put back

If you find yourself guilty, you can expect 40 years in prison. But if we are to be honest, her life may already be a real hell, for there is no mother who can forgive you. Of course, in cases like this one always wonders what kind of mother is able to forget about her child. Anyone who is able to leave the car in the car does not even seem to forget something all day long. Because for a minute or two to forget about the kid, it can be worth it. But six to eight urbra?
The main of course, it will be work at this timewhich undeniably makes women chase. Every working woman who has to juggle her many tasks knows the sensation when she comes from a lightning strike: she forgets something very important - a single day, an important one. But your own kid? It can't happen to me, the man finishes it right away. However, this is not as rare as we think, not so much so that the phenomenon has its own name: "forgotten child" syndrome.
Most cases occur in the United States, where more than 600 cases have been recorded since 1990. Йs not only the hotness can save the baby, in colder times, cooling can be just as fatal.
What kind of mother could be such? - you growl when you hear this, and of course everyone immediately develops a picture of my relentless, messy, scattered mother who can't even find her own head. However, this is a thorough saving. Such cases are overwhelming you are very careful, you are worried about bugswho put on a baby lock everywhere and never forget to have a baby. Gathered, trustworthy people who do not "forget" the child, but simply make sure that they are taken care of. I was led in the bosom of the bishop, just like every other day.
Namely, the "forgotten child" syndrome it is not about love or turbulence, but about memorial. And your childhood choices are some.
Such cases are, for the most part parents use a child that needs to be installed on the back, and which does not look from the rear view. So if you do your job routinely in the morning, you can easily forget about a sleepless, silent, invisible baby. Researchers have found that fatigue, hurry, and marital problems are also present in cases of fatal outcome. However, raise the hand of the mother who never has this dangerous combination in her family. No one can feel more secure.
However, there are a couple of tips to reduce the risk. One is to always be the first one to be something visual reminder of the baby, for example, never put your diaper back, always in front of you. And, more importantly, we always, but always, look into the car before we close to make sure we haven't forgotten something important.