7 signs that everything is fine with the baby

7 signs that everything is fine with the baby

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Many moms watch anxiously about their baby's every move. Is it normal what you do? Should I be scared? Generally, am I doing good? Here are the signs that all say: Relax!

Good for the company.

If your baby is watching people around him, making eye contact with them, smiling and barking at them, you can be sure that you have a happy, happy child. Particularly in the first half of the year, you may be a little bit of a social being, but it only starts to react with anxiety, fear, or horror to others. (The latter, moreover, is the epitome of healthy, normal development.)

They were living by an increasingly predictable rhythm.

For the first three months, many parents think of some crazy overnight show: constant weight loss, endless feeding, sleep deprivation ... the time spent will be longer and longer.

The little one feels at ease (even quietly, "hungarian").

In the first few weeks, the baby does not seem to be seeing well, and is more sensitive to the stimuli of the world, as they are still unusual for her. However, sooner you can focus a lot better, that is, when you look at it, a thorough "survey" of the environment will be very entertaining, and you will learn a lot from it as well. And the fact that you do not write suggests that you are not bothered by the processing of the five pieces of information. Our living, inquisitive baby is developing nicely

They are interested in colors, movement, interesting patterns.

This, too, is related to the evolution of vision: as it becomes more and more visible, it is able to discover unusual colors, patterns, or motions, and they are also of interest. If your baby is watching (or just being completely enthusiastic about) the baby's swivel, the stuffed laundry, our live color objects, the pattern blanket, it indicates that his attention is improving.

He listens to unusual noises.

Not only is sighting rapidly developing in baby's first year, but also hearing! If the little one notices the noises (especially the ones that are unusual for him / her), turns his / her head, it refers to the development of hearing and to the identification of different noises. After a while, he is able to make a difference between what is interesting and what he is already familiar with.

It grows and you need to change your diaper many times.

Nowadays, it is not really fashionable to have babies every day (or even every feed), but regular weightlifting is also done during regular pediatric examinations. If you keep going, you are probably okay with it (weight loss may indicate absorption problems or other illnesses), but you can rest assured that you "eat" at least eight diapers a day. This means that you are not at risk of being discharged.

It calms down to your voice, your touch.

The baby has become familiar with your voice in the womb, and it will be one of the most reassuring, life-saving points in life. A properly developing baby will usually calm down even if you take it in your arms and feel the smell and warmth of your body. (Via)Also worth reading:
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