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Dad and parenting. Will it not be much for him?

Dad and parenting. Will it not be much for him?

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Many questions can swirl in your mind about your dad, even when your tummy is barely visible. Let's find the answers together!

If you're happy to move into the living room, you might
His life is enriched with the greatest living.

Should we both take part in the birth control? Won't you be disturbed by these many women's things?

It may bother you, hope and then give birth. If you are a physician or health care practitioner, you will not cure some anatomical abortion in public. However, you are fleeing from a course where a film about a section is made from the perspective of a parent. If you know that the woman in your relationship is an exciting secret, that is to say, you do not want to let loose feathers in the bathroom, you may not want to hear as soon as a pregnant woman speaks to urinate. varratokrуl. You better listen to your doctor or tell you what you need.

Will you come with me to the exams?

Choose this х. I think that few women really need their couple to pass each exam. If a prospective daddy loves these occasions, why not? But if you talk about it or have a better job (and why not?), You limit the amount of joint medical visits to those times when it's really important to be there. These include the first ultrasound, genetic ы, situations in which to make a decision, and some painful or dangerous examinations, treatments that are better off if you are not alone.

I want father fathering, he doesn't. How can I get him to come to my room with me?

We'll arrange to talk to you. Tell him why you want him there and ask a few friends to tell you why it was important to them. It's not a bad thing to ask her to visit her in the living room and hear her say what she thinks about fatherhood. If you do not change your opinion, you have a good reason to stay away. Ask whether prolonged distress or busy parenting is a major problem. If you do not want either, then ask that you not miss the first hour of your childbirth when dealing with a clean baby and a well-ordered mother. In some hospitals, you may only be able to see the baby through the window until the day you go home.

Should you be inside the inn?

At most births, this request does not arise because they do not admit the abbot. If it does, then you really need to consider whether it is a skin. You will certainly not place it beside the surgical surface, for there would be no place for the two doctors and the mummy, but for your head to hold your hand and kiss. And from there you cannot see anything like it, because the surgical area is closed with a little curiosity. The baby receives the baby in some hospitals after cesarean section. This can be a wonderful sensation. You can count on it even if you don't want to be there or your dad can't go to work.

Fatherhood for both can be an unforgettable middle ground

Should we sleep with us in the town hall?

In one or two hospitals it is possible to keep the whole family together in the days after the birth. It is not a bad idea to spend the first days together, learn the baby together, but allow some experienced helpers if you are both beginners. After a cup, it can be a great help if you spend the night with you. Others believe that after childbirth, women will feel better about each other, discussing their physical and psychological problems, which could lead to the loss of a man.
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