How harmful is X-rays and CT to the child?

How harmful is X-rays and CT to the child?

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In many parents these examinations are feared, mainly because of their possible side effects. How serious we must be of long-term consequences.

How harmful is X-rays and CT to the child?

The article of gyogyhir.hu included X-rays, contrast-enhanced X-rays, CT (numerical x-ray), isotope examination, magnetic resonance imaging and the possibility of ultrasound.


Even those who do not know that X-rays are harmful to the human body because of the radioactive substances used in the isotope test. However, it is also important to know that many aspects of radioactive dosing are being investigated, and doctors are advised to only perform an examination that is more beneficial than the harm or hazard. Another important principle in X-ray diagnostics is to make the lowest radiation, the lowest dose to get the right information. Unfortunately, however, hard to find the magnitude of the effect of a given test is, and it is difficult to say what its long-term consequences will be. The so-called deterministic effect means that damage occurs over a certain threshold, such as loss of the lens, skin burning, and loss of hair. This may not be practically possible in the case of health diagnostic applications. gйnmutбciу which can cause symptoms in the next generations (one child, one grandchild). it has a lower x-ray radiation exposure than the contrast test, mainly because it produces a series of shots. There are contrast tests that are not recommended for children, such as gastric cancer and contrast kidney staining. Fibers (10 times according to some authors) are more susceptible to radiation exposure because of the rapid lysis of cells in the body, but also because they have longer lifetime exposure to the ionizing radiation. can be up to 40 years. Differences in body weight from adults and children are more radiosensitive due to the distribution in the heart "- says gyogyhir.hu movement lansбgra.


Layer test, and as such, means a lot of recordings. The principle is the same as the number mentioned above: with the lowest possible number and the most optimal serial number, the highest and most relevant information can be obtained from it. 1: 1000 (eg 1000 of children undergoing abdominal CT scan, 1 this may be due to the life of a serious cancer patient, double the risk of other cancers). examinations. A very rare occurrence of intravenous contrast media is a hypersensitivity reaction, which can be life-threatening.In children, it is very important that adequate fluid intake let the contrast medium be applied before and after. Because of the renal insufficiency, the use of intravenous contrast media in the first 3 months of use in babies is not recommended.


Important diagnostic test. The most commonly used areas in children are renal cysts and bone changes. The radiation exposure value is higher than conventional X-ray examinations.

MR vizsgбlat

This pictorial diagnostic test is applicable in a wide area. Relatively new procedure you have, therefore, we do not have all the information about your side effects. What we know and are known but rare side effects are heartburn, nausea, ringing, metallic sensation, warming of the heart. Instead of radiographic examinations in pediatric radiology, the use of MR is more and more frequent. The use of a smaller dose and a lower risk contrast agent are recommended. Fluid reflux is also important in this case. Because MRIs often require complete immobility, often children altatбsban vйgzik.


For the ultrasound examination has no known side effects.
Easy to access, repeatable many times. He doesn't require anesthesia. The ultrasound contrast agents alkalmazбsa sorбn the mellйkhatбsok tцbbnyire enyhйk, fejfбjбst, szйdьlйst, fьlcsengйst, нzйrzйs zavarбt tapasztalhatjuk.Ha цsszehasonlнtjuk ultrasound contrast agents mellйkhatбsainak gyakorisбgбt йs MR kontrasztanyagokйval CT kontrasztanyagokйval, you elmondhatу to lйnyegesen turns ritkбbban elх ultrasound esetйben mellйkhatбs.
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