Esther's diary - Genesis 16

Esther's diary - Genesis 16

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Many people think that a child should come anyway if he wants to. I do not have a specific opinion on this, there are always arguments against and against, but surely we should be there too.

And in our case, my son's sherry. He did not learn this as a stuntman, but also as a kungfuharcmurvski. In the summer of 2011 we decided to take into account the dates of my ovulations (that is, we want a child), though I would have been unable to calculate them, not only because of my hectic menaces but also because of my sinful mathematics. I subscribed a week ago to, where, after entering all dates, I received an email each day before menstruation and fertility. "Dear Esther, You are receiving this letter because you requested to be warned one day before your ovulation. Based on the data you recorded in the system, the program thinks that the time has come ... -19. " For me, this was a nice time, as it was not enough that they counted for me, even warned me, do not forget what the program is on the other day. Since the red days were all good, I thought that my fertile days could go well. During the summer, we never managed to be home on the days indicated in the reports, and at that time, I just smiled and forwarded the email to Géza. But in October, everything was finished, for example, both of us staying in a city and staying in the same apartment. Giza ringed for a couple of days before the big day (which I watched with interest and laugh), and after the first planned but still very successful act, I made a sudden suggestion for myself, issued (uuhuuhuu) upside down like a bag by the foot. Giza, I think he wanted to be sure. Although we are not uncommon in sudden drops and then drowned in laughter, the case has since become a two-fold, since the baby immediately conceived. You still don't know what your gender is, even though our site is very small.
I used to look for strength and activating gymnastics on the net, which was detailed in the past, not enough for my pregnant mother, and during her pregnancy gymnastics. There are many things to do, many bad ones, but persistent search can yield results. Really, Rice (yeah, that Rice… ) did the best with her five-minute tasks, repeatedly repeated, and effective. Once you can see the exercises with sound, and then once more, then I note more. "I know you're tired, so am I, uhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sure all but good but fifteen and sixteen and thirteen don't give up! (I would add that I never wanted to give up because of fatigue.) I also do a lot of walking, cycling, snowboarding, snowboarding, swimming, but I don't go because I don't like water. Except if you come to the trampoline.
At week 16, the time comes for the AFP test (alpha-fetoprotein), a protein produced mainly in the fetus's liver that passes through the breast of the pregnant woman. The concentration of AFP in the blood increases steadily as the pregnancy progresses, and is indicated by a simple blood count. This is also a screening for fetal abnormalities, in principle, for screening for Down's lobe and open spine. Even though it was introduced into Hungarian pregnancy care in the '70s, the middlings of modern strainers are often not listed, and their results often fail. In addition to the concentration of protein in the blood, the weight, height and age of the subjects are also taken into account. The normal values ​​are obtained by summing the AFP values ​​that can be measured in a whole pregnancy. Another round of excitement, of course, I shouldn't have, but I only managed to read it in a couple of forums, so I know there is a little mom who, if not exaggerated, has the AFP value, 3D ultrasound, and more he showed great results, but he did bring a baby with Down syndrome. In this case, the question is asked again: does the child come anyway if he wants to?