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Dust may be dangerous

Dust may be dangerous

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Specialists have called attention to the fact that polishing infants by preventing the natural development of businesses may increase the risk of hip complaints in the elderly.

In the case of infantile infants, Nicholas Clarke, a professor at Southampton University Hospital, has a higher rate of dysplasia, or abnormal thigh development. It increases the risk that the child may need to have a hip replacement in middle age or develop an inflammation of the bone in the elderly. Clarke is just suggesting to all babies that they make sure their pussy is loose, letting the flap fall and the baby fall first six months or so. however, in the past few decades, however, it has gone out of fashion. However, in 2010-11, demand for owls increased by 61 percent, and in North America, babies had 90 percent of the first year of life.
The method may be due to its popularity as having an abnormally sedative effect, aids infant sleep, and prevents excessive fatigue and abdominal distension. However, some research has shown that the straightening and pushing of the infant's tibia leads to dislocation of the tibia.
In Japan, for example, the incidence of hip dislocation has been reversed after an educational program has been launched for grandparents to avoid stigmatizing their grandchildren. Stump dysplasia is one of the most common birth defects, which in many cases is self-limiting. Professor Clarke says dusting is just an example of this natural process.