Esther's Diary - Week 21

Esther's Diary - Week 21

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Love, baby love, idyllic status ... But what will happen after birth? Is the crisis really wrong?

Makkosmбria! We went to daddy and daddy times in our childhood! While my mother rested us and cooked for a while, we were forced to spend a Saturday or Sunday in the woods. How much I hated it! I hated it because it was obligatory, because it was fat, and because I did not do such stimuli. Probably, I would have liked to watch any series of knights (Knight Rider?) Rather than listen to the birds or (crudely) march past the monkeys in the dense, hollow, boring avar. I hated a lot of things in my childhood that I don't already have. I did not like going to Balaton for our vacation either. Our family went to Szemes every blessed night, which meant that I could never go to any jury (as they were always on the weekend). I hated the soups and the steaks, the canteen itself, because it was a must too. I used to go to sleep at Ovi, always waking up to sleep next to me. But that is certainly what many of us do. What I want to punch is that since then, I love everything about the above. Lake Balaton at its best, but Makkosmribri too. Sophie and Balazs and their little cousin Benyi and a couple of our friends just went on a trip there. The cock is still priceless, the forest is still quiet, the scents and the lights are cozy, the wild boar and the animal traces are just as sumptuous, but the garbage is bigger and new. The first one was picked up and the latter I left to let it come to life, sell it back to Csillebárc. Man saw many things in adulthood. Not only the pumpkins, the forest, the Lake Balaton, Michael Knight's smooth image, but the aspects of his parents at the time. What I would like to thank you for.
Giza misses me, I sent her an e-mail or SMS about the evolution of our baby, which is measured by her movements. Now I feel like Brown can box and yell as much as I can! (Let's bet this is an inexperienced wait to write it down, but that's what this diary is all about.)
Ildi, my friend's day with me is over! She became a little girl, named after me Esther, I don't know what to expect, I suppose she was all good and pretty, but I haven't asked her yet. Birth was successful as described in the booklet, and as I would like to believe it was: two and a half ounces were all (extra fast), the baby and her mother were healthy! I'm as excited as if I had my gut cut!
Barbi and Peti went to the cinema. The most beautiful thing is French film. But of course she's pregnant, Barbi looked like I'm still not so clueless about childbirth, anyway, this month ... I haven't been living like this for five months, I just want to. Leave it. So the French film has given in, with the acrimonious cast of the protagonist (if I was a boy ...) documenting it exactly in pictures and voices, even though his ending was a positive message that the child missed. The breakup of a relationship - that could have been the title. Because it's a nice thing for a kid, but everything? The story starts the way we want it the way we want it: very lovingly. The conceived baby, the dreaded daddy, the chubby chick, the funny dudes, the mournful fireballs. The first part of the movie is like that. Until the baby is born. And here's the trouble, this cut, the crack, the ground slide, which doesn't have to be too hot to feel the message (and hear the stories of our friends), , grief, sobbing, upset, lonely, absent, dislocated, specialist. The sentence could end up being a question mark. Because not a domain! What do I know here is how it will be! I see ourselves with Géza in the first half of the movie where we are now. By the second half, so we still have this month? This is not what I want! But did it count for more? Did it count? I didn't want macrocosm and woods at the time, but my father took me. Now I'm going to the middle of the coke myself.