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It is almost impossible to create our own family so that our environment does not consider us grown up.

This is completely independent of age, since a mother's child will always remain the child she wants to deal with and care about who she needs to control and control. In this sentiment, every woman in a balanced state of mind can overcome and be able to let the young man walk in his own way. However, it is not uncommon for a mother and child to have an early addictive relationship. This is often appropriate for the child, because, despite being an adult, we continue to serve and do not take any responsibility for their actions. You don't even have to think too much because they decide instead what's good for him and what's wrong. The situation begins to become uncomfortable when you want to start a family of your own. In this case, the young parents' immediate control, advice and care will be on the young couple. This is the source of the "maternal conflict", but often also the uncertainty and inertia of young parents. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for this to lead to a deterioration of the couple's relationship, which is why even the little family is broken.

Family Unity

In order to achieve stability, we need to think beyond what we have come to the world. What was our childhood like? What is our relationship with our mother? Many arise, and the lucky ones take the opportunity to have a great chat with their parents, their couple, or someone who has made the same difference. It can help the child to be accepted and to get to know ourselves.
It is also fundamental to clarify: how kind of a parent do you want to be? Am I following the way I was raised? I don't want to make mistakes like my parents ... It's not easy to find the answer to these requests. It is an old observation that the educational procedures experienced in our own skin are often unintentionally applied, even if in principle we do not understand them. There are some who fall into this "fortune-teller", some who fight against it, some who face upright rearing methods like their parents - often killing a child with bathing water. The hardest thing to think of on our way is real art.
Twenty years ago, childcare and upbringing are very different from what is considered most desirable today. For our parents, the demanding choice of breastfeeding, room cleanliness, or expectation of breastfeeding was unknown. This great change can also be a source of relationship between parents and grandparents. With some patience, openness and lots of talk, this problem can be prevented.


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