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Facts and Beliefs - What Does a Maternity Eat?

Facts and Beliefs - What Does a Maternity Eat?

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Numerous currencies and information circulate around the world about what and how to get pregnant and what is on the block list. We came after them.

Facts and Beliefs - What Does a Maternity Eat?

1. The baby should eat two instead

It is not true that a pregnant mother can eat what she wants and it is okay to bring a lot. This setting is just a terrible thing kцzhely. Neither doctors nor advocates support this concept, but rather encourage a balanced, high-quality diet and the triple intake of carbohydrate-white fat optimal price list.

2. Fish are prohibited!

It is true that there are species that are not recommended for consumption due to the high content of methylmercury (tuna, swordfish, flounder, catfish and halibut), but the fish flesh omega-3 fatty acids help the fetus to develop And it reduces the risk of premature birth. This unsaturated fatty acid cannot be absorbed by the body, so it is important to feed the baby twice a week. Bus, carp, trout, salmon and crabs can be eaten indoors.

3. A glass of wine should not hurt…

Alcohol consumption is one of the most controversial requests to date, as I've researched, doctored, and defended, with so many answers. The safest thing to do is to be pregnant kerьli even in the smallest amount of alcohol. The same is true for coffee and tea consumption, and sugary soda acids should also be avoided. Water and 100% fruit and green juice are recommended.

4. Meat and Dairy Products - Just Bring It!

It is true that meats and dairy products are the main sources of white and calcium, but there is a need to keep a few ports under control. Great source of white lean beef and chicken and eggs - of course well done or stuffed!

5. Avoid Raw Foods!

Snacks, sushi, raw eggs - like tiramisu or mayonnaise - prepared meals tiltуlistбn are. It is also not recommended to eat moldy cheeses, and do not drink unpasteurized milk.