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Is the laundry really effective? I tested

Is the laundry really effective? I tested

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Do you know as much about this little brown, natural thing as its different, chemical-colored boxes in a cool, odor-smelling box? Utбnajбrtam. I tested the laundry on kids' clothes.

Indian laundries are the family tree of the soap species. The fruit of the soap tree is a stone-shell, the fruit is taken from a solid outer shell, which contains the saponins. Saponin is a natural substance that, when replaced with water, binds grease and dirt, making it ideal for cleaning.Is the laundry really effective? I tested But for the generation that has grown up in traditional laundry detergents, the idea of ​​buying a laundry when it comes to laundry cleaning may be unusual at first. "And the color, smell, and texture of what we used to do. In addition, detergents have been specifically developed for this purpose, tested in all laboratories. They make you much more reliable than these weird, environmentally friendly berries!" - Many people formulate their ideas. Let's see how the laundry works in practice. I set up environmentally friendly spheres with a small amount of prutate.

Baby clothes are the real challenge

You have to wash it very often with a small child - the child gets dirty and loses himself to mention only the most typical examples. The situation is not much easier with little babies, because the lumps can leave a huge impression, and we should not even talk about the breast milk that reaches the nape. In addition, with the same impetus, the parent's clothes will be dirty as well. On the contrary, the laundry as challenged. I have to admit that I was skeptical before the first use, but it turned out to be unnecessary, so I used it as a wash capsule: I threw it in the drum when I was done, and took it out. I used the same "wash bag" 4-5 times according to the user guide. completely coped well with the weekly blemishes, without any support too.

There are times when there is no escape: stain cleaning, prewash

Really stubborn stains are worth lightening - it doesn't matter what we wash: for example, we don't put the kakis body in the machine so we don't have to wash it by hand. There is no shortage of blotted voters, I was lucky a washcloth made of curtains can also be used. I mean: working. It has outside white clothes and colors as well. I used to put the dirty clothes on the stain, dampen it a bit, and rub it until the stain faded. If I was a Muslim, it came out almost completely, but if I didn't have the patience / time, I let the clothes stand a bit and just put it in the washing machine. The sooner I did this, the more clean the dress was. I'm not suggesting that the purity was always 100 percent. It is a laundry, but not a panacea - don't expect it to pick up a stain that rattles it. But I can say with certainty that it brings it far beyond what most traditional detergents have.