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"I'm betting because I'm bored with babies"

"I'm betting because I'm bored with babies"

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Ever bored with your baby? Can you imagine hiring a bisexual to give you time? All this can be strange and unusual, although there are examples.

As a pregnant mother, you have certainly experienced being home, raising and caring for your baby, where you get sweaty and sometimes uplifting moments every day. But you trust your babysitter just because your child is moms are boring web link? The two-child Esther Walker it really does.

Its flatness was startling

Nanny Esther Walker, a mother with two children, kisses a baby boy. And not because he would have gone back to work, but because he found boring childcare. Esther is very much aware of the astonishment of others, honestly, when she does not deny that "dadбt I pay because I don't want to spend my whole day with babysitting. "In an interview, a mother of two said she had experienced her older child baby care hardships, all day long is the constant attention that you have no time for, which you have already hated.Esthert is happy that the babysitter takes the burden off her eight-month-old little son and does whatever she wants in her spare time. THE Nanny "Of course, I really like my children, but I do not want to endure spending my whole day, and instead of slipping on the ground, I want to spend more time on things that are more meaningful. I am sick." faces, buttocks, not to mention kitchen tops, desks, but also the constant squealing of the stroller and the carpet cleaning, "the mother-of-two continues.

If you were a mother, you might be helped by a nanny

Esther, when she was expecting a three-year-old girl today, did not even realize that caring and parenting would make her unhappy, as she had barely anticipated stay home with your baby. "I have to admit that when I got pregnant with Kitty in 2011, I thought it was a simple and easy task, because others are coping with it. Now she's smiling at how naive I was at the time," Esther says. " I would be a mother because I don't spend my whole day with the kids, but I don't even feel like I have lost my personality, my lunacy. if you paint your kids room with your fingers. Bitter experience is that the currency is completely different. " However, Esther suffers from a friends spend all their time with their children, and not to mention it as miserable. He admits that his life with a bositter is much happier and simpler, but he has dual sensibilities because he may be making a mistake with his kids. " And I will feed it. Then it doesn't matter at all? We can agree on that, no, "she says.

Others were also disappointed in their motherhood

Esther is not the only woman who feels the same way, and besides motherhood, she also specializes in time. The singer, Lily Allen, also admitted that being home with a small child was "very boring" after a while. That's why the singer wants to get back on stage because her life was very different from what she had imagined - read on Mother & Baby's page.