4 baby-mom mobility patterns that you shouldn't miss!

4 baby-mom mobility patterns that you shouldn't miss!

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Some want to lose weight, some thirst for public health, and others like the forest. One of them is: they are looking for an opportunity where a child can be with us. What do advanced mothers recommend when they are into sports?

1. Forest-moving: portable nordic walking

Who Involved Three Weekly Eszter Andrabsai and MesiWhat is this? It's like we're doing cross country skiing with a baby on our back. The sport itself is from Finland, developed for cross country skiing, a kind of wet training. Practically, it looks like walking with snowshoes, but of course there is a technique that you need to learn. It is an outdoor sport, depending on the weather, most of which is from spring to autumn. We kicked out the baby yoga spot and stopped it. Then you came across an ad in one of your Facebook groups, I thought we'd try it. We found a really nice way to move portable nordic walking.Man works so that he never walks in, nature walks in nature with babies. The team always talks about when and where to meet, and usually about six moms gather together for one occasion. Our babies are put on our backs, everyone takes his or her stick, if he or she does not, this is provided by the instructor for training and training. We get warm, if we need to, re-learn the technique, teach the newcomers, and then we start. It is like an intense forest walk: you can talk in public, because it will give you a little muscle in your arms, shoulders, legs.What do you need for it? A pair of nordic walking poles with gloves, plus a baby carrier that fits in the back and provides anatomically correct hold. Also comfortable clothes.Where, how much? The cost of sticks and gloves is between 15 and 20 thousand HUF. The training program was training (2000 HUF), the trainers are different, 1000 HUF / time. But in fact, if we buy the stick, alone, as well as as many others, we go as often and as often as we want in a coordinated location.More info: Baby carrier nordic walking (Facebook group) or

You can play sports with your baby!

2. Home Gymnastics-Cheating: Come on, Mom! online gymnastics

Who would recommend to everyone: Johannes Meyer, Lutz and HubaWhat is this?Community status at home, one-on-one online gymnastics, and no strangers shower, plus all this with the strangest kids in your own living room, or just in front of you. No matter if they suddenly get hungry and thirsty, you just run out into the kitchen for a minute and then continue to strengthen. In particular, we know that Nappi Papp, who runs the gymnastics and organizes the maternity community himself, deals directly with those parts of the body that need to be looked at after birth, he humorously runs the tournaments, which are straightforward, not as "ivory-towered" as in a post-production video. So it seemed to me what he had done: to bring myself back into shape after birth. Earlier I started running in a stroller after the birth of our second baby boy, not much later than gymnastics. What do you need for it? A computer with an internet connection you can easily find during gymnastics, exercise mats, comfy sportswear and shoes, yoga mat and light toys to book your kids around. If they fail, they will also be traded with you.Where, how much? Completely free, usually twice a week, online. If, for some reason, the tournament is canceled, there will still be no need to move, and on the website you can find footage of older tournaments, and you can repeat them any time. More info: and

3. The stroller work: strollfit

Who tells the story: Petra and Marci of Hegyalja-Prohabska What is this? THE strollfit stroller exercise, which also includes aerobic exercise and strength training, and all that much more! I met a little kid out there with the same weekly problems who didn't have to get my stomach in before, who had a hard time getting into motion again. Aside from being able to exercise regularly, I also added to my very good company with my baby, where we can talk about the most important baby-mommy needs before, during and after gymnastics. I lack exercise, I exercised regularly before exercising. Since "gymnastics before home" never worked for me, I wondered what to do next to the baby and working dad. As the beach and swimwear season approached, I became more and more impressed with the idea that now I have to work and start strollfit in our town.What do you need for it?It requires a mom in comfortable clothes and running shoes, a doll (seasonally, dressed in layers, toys, whatever she may need) and a stroller. Unlike a stroller, a stroller is not needed here, but you can rent one if you find it more comfortable. You can also arrive in the city without a stroller, and if you have a bigger kid, you might want to bring a roller skate or bike.Where, how much? When the time is right, the trainers are out in the open to enjoy the good atmosphere and the babies are enjoying their moms' buggies in front of the strollers. For us, Dabason is 800 lbs an ounce, slightly more expensive in the capital. More info:

4. Public dance: Maminbab - portable Latin fitness

Who is already teaching: Tуth Бgnes Klaudia and Patrik What is this? An entertaining aerobic movement based on Latin dancers and easy-to-follow elements makes it really popular. Equal occupations start with warm-ups, and then progressively faster and more intense choreographies ensue, and at the end, we end up with brains, beats, beats, They are also an active part of the shape movement, and as you grow, you can lift a living weight with a gradual load. Ideal for your development in anatomically correct carrier (cloths, milking milk, milk milk, buckle carrier selected for your particular level of development, baby-mom needs), up to 5-6 kg the volume is baby friendly. Usually, children fall asleep soon, but if you need it, you can feed it cleanly in the city, and you can go back to it later. Maminbabe has given blessings to a number of experts, physiotherapists and porters, as well as breastfeeding professionals. Gradually you get used to it, first you just follow the steps, the faster you get it, you increase the intensity. You are getting more into the Latin hippie movement and you feel the movement in every cartilage so it becomes more and more effective.I fell in love with it. Patrick, my little boy, was five months old when I first went to a Maminbaby because I missed the movement, the dance (I used to dance, standard and Latin). We tried it out, I liked it so much that I finally did the training with Enik Molnárr, the leader who is the figure, the whore, the "mother" of the whole. My son is very fond of me, he usually falls asleep on my own after two counts. its slogan - it's really a fun mother-in-law! Exceptionally tightens thigh and thigh muscles, tightens the waist and hips, strengthens the muscles of the back, shapes the arms and chest, and also improves exercise coordination during pregnancy, and also improves muscle coordination. The baby's mood also has a good effect, as the carrying itself, for example, reduces the symptoms of an abdominal baby and, on the occasion of rocking, improves their exercise skills and rhythm. What do you need for it?An enthusiastic mom (even a pregnant mother) who doesn't need any training in sports or dancing, is a comfortable outfit for mom and baby alike, If not, educators can provide it. It is recommended to take Maminbab first after six weeks of childbirth, and in the case of a cesarean section, a little less than the doctor will allow, usually 10-12 weeks after birth.Where, how much? The price of the rooms may differ from one location to the next and therefore the given educator can provide information about it. Find out where Maminbaba Ura is near you!More info: maminbaba.huRelated articles:
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