Does breastfeeding on demand spoil the child?

Does breastfeeding on demand spoil the child?

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It is common for babies to wake up many times during the night. You are terribly tired of getting up, breastfeeding, germinating every time, but is there another solution? The answer depends on who you ask!

Did breastfeeding on demand spoil the baby?

Inquiry: My baby is eight months old and not asleep: I only fall asleep when I rock, suckle or push in a stroller, and often wake up. She sleeps 45 times three times a day in the sun, wakes up awake at night, over and over, and sleeps only with her tits. Following her advice, I breast-feed and carry a lot of it. Our midlife started hesitantly because it was hard for me to start milk, but by the age of six we had no diets. He was never big, he ate 80-110 grams, but he grew very handsome, he was a dozen babies, so I didn't even worry (now, 8 months 8200 grams). Because of the lack of sleep, I had already asked for help from a home pediatrician who asked for a blood and urine test. It turned out to be a bit iron deficient, we patched it, but it didn't solve our problem.
Sent to a children's hospital for a sleep test). The doctor started by not eating enough, eating 200 grams twice a day, and the first and last meal. You do not want to eat that much, you do not accept the formula, only in my mind, and you do not eat 200 grams. According to the doctor, I may have never had milk before, so the kid is used to eating less (ie, I was starving ????). And you must be taught to fall asleep alone! (Okay, but he didn't tell me how to do it !!!)
At present, they eat some steaks, fruit juices and milk syrup, but generally 80-100 grams, sometimes a whole glass of 165 grams of baby baby milk. But besides the doctor's questioning of my diet so far, and my doubts, our sleep problem hasn't been solved.
Currently, I wake up at night (eight o'clock in the morning until eight o'clock) to sleep. I read the Sleep Yeah, baby! method, but I strongly protest against it because I don't want to let it go. Is there another way to learn to sleep ???? I have a tired headache and I can't sleep during the day because I sleep for up to 45 minutes at a time.
His sleep is also very interesting, when I feel like he's already relaxed and the dream comes, he starts to cry and sticks tightly to awaken and then falls into a sudden sudden shock. Is this normal? You still have no teeth, but you get painkillers every night (on the doctor's advice) because you also have a high temperature - this can help you eliminate the pain (every other day every 15-20 minutes).
After all, I want to know what method I can teach to sleep, to sleep alone after waking up at night, and what to do (diet, daily rest, sleep, air).
Answer: Dear Krisztina!
I am very sorry that you brought it together with a professional who has succeeded in making you insecure, so much as to call into question all the beauty, happiness and parenthood of the last eight months. You, Christina, have succeeded in solving a problem for Rica's great advantage and her healthy development that many mothers do not so gloriously:
We have a daunting light job when it comes to getting kids from the line up that are unexpected, with whom it is very easy to do: everything goes like a hoop, sucks like a command, smiles just smiles into the world, almost not realizing that it is there, so adaptable and simple. He falls asleep by himself, at night, when he wakes up, he doesn't even remember to bubble, turns to the other side and sleeps further. Maybe there is a kid like that, but I haven't seen much of it.
However, it is my daily experience that even the calmest, gentler, smoothest babies have very difficult periods, such as when they can put their parents, their mothers, in a state of complete or exhausted state. These are undoubtedly periods that consume a great deal of strength and energy, and often seem impassive.
In my group of breastfeeding nurses, regular breastfeeding, sleep-waking is a regular topic. There, the first mothers of children have the opportunity to listen to the experiences of more experienced parents, and they also find that problems over time alleviate, alleviate, resolve, and intervene without the need for a specialist. It is simply because the child is in that developmental phase of some kind of problematic development.
I wrote it all down to indicate that Rika's behavior is not abnormal, which requires some urgent intervention.


The solid foods listed above are a bit too much for my age, and you don't have to starve or even starve in the past. These are baseless defenses for which there is no proof, as Rick is perfectly advanced, age-appropriate, and if you measure the increase in longitudinal volume, you can probably do the same.
It is not clear on what basis the revelation was made. The twice daily 200 grams of dietary intake per day is so schematic and so realistic that I can't do anything about it. What is the calorie content of 200 grams? What's wrong with only 195? Or is it wrong if you're only 50? Or not much else? Based on international recommendations, it is ideal if you breast milk still accounts for two thirds of the diet each year, and breast-feeding continues until or after the age of two, provided of course that you wish to breast-feed your baby at or before the age of one.
I am sorry that you came to a desperate and fatigued professional who mistakenly stepped up and questioned his own approach - completely baseless. What's the point in raising doubts in a mother when she needs to be confirmed: yes, the girl is a victorious, healthy baby who has grown into breast milk like this, and she has just been recognized and fully recognized.
I wrote it down many times and told it already because I usually experience it mothers are in a difficult position today because they are left alone with the difficulties of parenting. Prussian-style, well-educated health care is provided when they become insecure about a problem that is not within the scope of health. That At night a child wakes up and snoozes, not a medical problem. (Except, of course, for the rare occasions when a child wakes up because of sickness, tinnitus, and fever.)
When several generations lived together, there was always someone who relieved the mother of her burden so she could fall asleep. Who nursed the child while the mother moved a little.

Which can help now

1. Be aware that your life is not about Rick alone, but how you bear the hardships associated with it is greatly influenced by other events in life, your self-confidence, your spirit. So, in a situation like yours, I first talked to these mothers about these questions to see what the moon's backyard is like for a child's sleep problem.
Being challenged to keep all parenting and being criticized instead of being acclaimed also radiates uncertainty for his or her own child. Infants' sixth sign is the most advanced of all: it reflects exactly what they are given. This may be one of the reasons for the many wakefulness and awakening.
2. It is my common experience that when you release in your mother the tension of night circuses, deh, excitement, when you learn to let go of the problem, and somehow think of it as a temporary day that is not like We are faced with the idea that the child also feels that it is easier to handle.
3. I also often experience that the tooth causes such difficulties, but I wouldn't recommend giving him regular fever and painkillers. If Cancer has fever and its behavior is indicative of a disease unless it has any legitimate signs such as nettle-rash or cystic, a urine test is available to exclude urinary or bladder inflammation. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon.
4. Sometimes physical and mental development are not parallel, and the baby is more than capable of realization. This shift often causes frustration, which manifests itself at restless nights.
5. The role of the parent in these situations is to:
  • if you suspect a disease, try to have your child examined by a pediatrician and exclude certain types of problems (eg, infection by infection);
  • if your child is not ill, try to stand with him or her in full breastfeed during difficult times, and comfort him / her as you know (breastfeeding is an effective, fast method, and sleeping is almost always helpful, especially at this age).

  • Not at all necessary, in fact, it is dangerous and unnecessary to start breastfeeding a baby with formula, with milk, no results are expected, at most, the child will be selected sooner than ideal and possibly hate to eat.
    Breastfeeding not only nutrition, but also comfort, comfort, security and support as well. If you keep this in mind, you will find your own way to relax. Bybysitter, relatives help, sleeping with Rod, somehow gotta rest. There are plenty of ideas here, and those who value, know what they are talking about!
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