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It's not the solution, it's terror - Scary video is spreading

It's not the solution, it's terror - Scary video is spreading

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Are you kidding your kid? Apparently, he is frustrated that he is just eating the food, maybe not eating more than one snack, and refusing to taste the new tastes. But a new video is spreading a "method" that we would not recommend to anyone!

Verbatim children really test their parents' patience, yet they have to be calm, clean, and reasoning, and try again and again to eat, to eat, to eat. What you should not do, however, is to threaten, grossly terrorize a child, and to punish and physically threaten a child ... and this is the method he "suggests" in a video that is spreading at a hurried pace.Don't scare him into eating. You are in the video Rudy Hernandez he tried to feed the grandchildren, but when the little one refused to feed, he pretended to feed a plush toy. At the gaming level, he "didn't ask" for food, and Hernandez began to aggressively consider the plush character. Of course, the little boy watches what's going on, and finally accepts the food. "If you don't want to eat, you have to do it," Hernandez wrote on Twitter. More than 122,000 people commented or shared a video in a week and received 305,000 likes. Worryingly, a lot of parents, relatives, or caregivers want it to be a great idea, and I'm ready to implement this method. Some commentators, however, say that the point is that you eat at last, no matter how frustrating you are, and anyway, you will forget what your sweetheart has to do, and of course, you will avoid frightening you. "Every time I watch the video, I get worse and worse. How can a little kid feel safe? It looks like his or her nudge is completely confused, but it's also probably not the first time she knows she's bleeding. to eat. This is a straight line to your stuttering problems and to the development of unhealthy habits related to racing. "Helen Corderypsychotherapist.

When kids don? T want to eat… this is what you gotta do ??? #imdead

? wild cherry? (@rudyhernandez_) June 20, 2019.
The fact that an adult gives birth to a plush toy can still look like a job (but they are very aggressive in the video), but it can scare a little kid, especially if he is very attached to the baby. Plushes are often just as "real people" for the little ones as their parents or friends, and the violence against them is very bad. (Via)Also worth reading:
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