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9 handy tips for traveling by car

9 handy tips for traveling by car

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You don't have to give up on travel experience, and with our ideas, you can safely end the longest journey.

1. Open ninety minutes and move slightly to eliminate the discomfort caused by swollen ankle and foot 2. If you are on a long drive, maybe not you or not just you are driving.3. Whenever possible, get out of your shoesand stretch or put your foot on the back for exercise.4. Take with you a pillowcase and blanket that will help you in a comfortable location.

Few practical methods can make driving easier and safer during pregnancy.

5. Don't be ivyvvzz and some healthy walls you can get.6. As you have already seen in the public, you need to pee three times more often than ever. You can count as pathetic pathetics if you get into a car kilometer by car. Ezйrt take every opportunity to visit the wash basineven if you don't have to. Experienced recommend that you always have a quail or larger, empty yogurt box available for emergencies.7. Get ready for the hygiene shortcomings! Be free of disinfectant wipes, toilet paper, blank bags, intimates.8. Move around comfortably in multiple layers and pick up something that won't even linger on the floor if you need to go to the toilet. Of course, it is also a principle that you should not push anywhere! Always have your cash and your mobile charger!
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