Come on out!

Come on out!

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Ubiquity when you see the first snow! Everything else like yesterday! To make the winter party a great party, read our tips!

You may not even dare to step in the alien environment, but it may also prompt you to think white. You'll be fine with the fresh cold, and you won't eat much of it. However, it is important to keep the feet dry and warm, so that you can safely prevent burning. It is best to cool down less when walking in the right foot than when walking in a stroller.


Photo: Haralambidou Anthoula

By itself, when you are crawling together, you do not crawl, choose a short slope and terrain where there are not many. Take the little one out and grab it with one hand and hold the other under you. If you are carrying a little, mount your back to your traditional log. Give the baby a fur coat that keeps you warm. The toddlers also occasionally spit out and then return to the bag, in any case, they have shoes on their feet, they do not like the stationary position, they always put their arms out. One-piece bags adapt to your needs: they have an outer armrest or a lacing, a shoe, a low lining, and a lace-up plastic lining on the shoe. It is practical to fold and open a bag that can be folded from multiple sides because it is easier to load the child in and out. The bag does not fall off if you fasten it with a safety belt and has a non-slip surface at the back. You can read about the different types of fur coats here.

Keeping up with the big ones

Take care of the baby when you take it with you to family fun. High sun protection, lips and sunglasses are essential in the mountains. The backpack quickly cools down while the five-member family is warming up - don't forget about that. Sleep and fluid requirements are higher than usual due to the long air and cold in the winter. For longer stays outside the city, it is better to spend more time in shorter periods.