From Zoo to Bookshop: Programs for the Beginning of Autumn

From Zoo to Bookshop: Programs for the Beginning of Autumn

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Believe it or not, there are festivals right now. We found a free zoo, a songbook and a party at Samuca!


A multitude of shops were opened in Budapest on the Bratislava Boulevard in the XIII. kerьletben. Everyone in the Open Folder loves art illustrations, art storybooks and photography. Wide range of children's book selections, slideshows for parents and children. Most excitingly, the Open Folder also has a children's book changer.

Ismjra Pregnant Club!

Looking forward to September at the Maternity Club! From 10 am to 10 pm, Wheeler Orsolya Kovacscsen Wheeler and Head of Mackyskuckou in Csepel.
From 11am onwards, we talk with Ildik Lukics-Kiss about the age-specific features that make life easier for you. Do you believe or disbelieve? Bad or curious? Understand the baby! Hosted by: Judit Szхdy Psychologist, Parenting Advisor, Breastfeeding Advice IBCLC Location: Baby Garden BabyMamaHab Zuglu Children's Center
Budapest XIV, Szuglу u. 83-85.

Free admission to the zoo

The selectively collected beverage carton box now gets free entry for children who bring at least 10 empty milk or fruit boxes per child to the Animal and Nursery Gardens in Cape Town on September 10th and 11th.
With the title "Happy Box Days", the Italian Cardboard Environmental Association, in association with the Animal City Botanical Garden, wants to draw attention to the fact that beverage cartons can be - because of their material. With our selective collection, we can do our environment every day. So on September 10th and 11th, the little ones and the big ones, along with the wonders of nature, will find out which beverage cartons are where they need to be put in to recycle paper.

Family Safety Day

A Family Safety Day will be held in Budapest and IKEA in Budapest on Saturday, September 3, from 10 to 18 o'clock. All current and future IKEA FAMILY members and families are invited to play games in the IKEA store area to help little boys learn the basics of safe transit.
On Safety Day, IKEA has launched a playful, action-packed adventure where children who attend can learn all the benefits of safer transport and take advantage of different tasks. What's more, every fresh first comes with a PATRULL safety reflective vest so you can travel safely in the dark. In addition, police, firefighters, and doctors will provide helpful tips on safe transportation for all members of the family.

Szamуca Coast

On September 10, a delightful children's event is organized at the Csillaghegy Community House with Samuča. The expression "Samuca" in the title is not accidental as the fun event is organized by the Samuca Children's Center, a charity founded by parents and children, and is based on the Foundation.
Registered in 2009, the organization's main goal is to promote conscious leadership, family planning and parenting, as well as child-centered and family-centered approaches. Their work primarily focuses on child welfare and child protection. On September 10, Samuca wants to give parents, in particular, ideas, knowledge, experience, and good practices to make their day-to-day relationship with their parents easier. Important events such as the mother-child relationship, the role of parents and the importance of cooperative communication, the integration of children, stress management, and home improvement are discussed at the event. At the end of the day, there is also the opportunity for individual consultation and advice.
During the lectures, there is a playhouse and a babysitting shop, lots of games and book reviews. In the playhouse for the little ones there will be Wheelers (children's songs, rhymes), Mocorgu (movement developer for 1.5-3 year olds), ovis, ugiee-boogie music movement, color English Teddy bear, creative work and priestess Rainbow.

Dalolka Kárrsz with Eszter

The musical mini-fashion matinee series regularly expects publicity in the Anno fairytale shop. It has now become a tradition that Eszter Kárszsz shakes up the soap bubbles wrapped in soap clouds with his ukulele, and the week begins happily with lots of cheerful children's voices. Have a look at this fabulous place and the fabulous miniature Dalolk!
The first Dalolkája of the season will begin at 10 o'clock on Monday, September 5, 2011.
Don't forget the Hummingbird Festival and the NLC Festival!