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Because nude you!

Because nude you!

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If your two-year-old baby is pecking at you and is happily running around, don't feel sorry for yourself! Be happy and happy with your body!

Because nude you!

There is no more charitable creature than one naked little kid. Happy, cloudless, anxious and endlessly free. But we, as adults, can only rarely get along with this big uproar. Most of the time, you get embarrassed when you drop the dress by yourself, even if nobody sees or disturbs anyone. The little ones are they sense the world with whole bodies, and the more sensory organs are free, the happier they are. That is why they love to have a bath, to have a good time, to have a good night's sleep - everything that touches them, as much as possible with a larger body surface.

There is a need for borders

The fundamentals of gender start to solidify at the age of two, so between three and five years later, sexy stuffing for fuck it can be, it often is, says psychologist Brigitta Nagy. After school, it is smarter to have less naked adults in the vicinity of the child. Not really, but tact. You do not have to do it, but it is better to bathe in the bath when bathing with the child. In this case, the significance of the skin is also different, so it is smarter to bathe in the bath after wearing a bath instead of being naked. Of course, if they were without clothes, that's okay, but they have to be taught their limits, both allowed and not.

Important stairs

Because cloudless and public flirting can't last. At least as a young adult, it is worth calling the child's attention to the fact that there are expectations when leaving home. You don't have to explain it, just to say, "you are a good kid in clothes and in clothes, but as you can see, when people leave home, they get up. You can take off your clothes, have to move. "
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