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When traveling with a child

When traveling with a child

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If your child is one year old, you can expect many challenges during your vacation. But, of course, it's worth taking a look.

1-2 years:

This is the biggest challenge, as a child who has fallen into his second life is not too good, he cannot communicate really well, but he wants a lot. It is a serious challenge to take it a long way, if you hate it, make it the night before, so you have the best possible sleep. If you travel during the day, a music guides, april, interesting, new games, poetry book arsenal will be good for the transition.

After one year old babies can eat almost anything. This does not mean, of course, that you have to try all kinds of strange things. Stay tuned for more food! At this age, lots of fluids drink small, practical sports bottle water, does not leak, is well-handled and safe.
It is time to think about program selection. You don't have to worry about just looking at adults, a good playground, a park, and a baby beach area. Think of the bad weather! It sometimes falls on the Mediterranean, but you do not have to fight between the walls when you are wearing rubber boots and rain pants. If camping they went or planned trips, think a to protect against ticks too. Take a spoon and disinfectant!
Vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis can be given at the age of one, but it is vaccination series start early, at least one month before your trip! In addition to the usual medicines, the pharmacy also has space for sticking patches and other wound-healing tools. Because if you start running a two-wheeler!


Read more about tick-borne encephalitis vaccination here.

3-4 years:

Life is a bit easier in early childhood, as you can talk to each other, whether on the open, on vacation, and of course, singing together. Another technical difficulty may be the evolution of room cleanliness. Give the baby a lightweight removable garment and make it a practical, disposable paper towel.
Traveling can be made easier by a snack. You don't need to bring sweets or chips, dried fruit, chopped yellow rape, bullets, bran biscuits. During your vacation, you don't have to worry about eating new again. Ask if he likes seafood.
A challenge can be a sleeping megszervezйse. He doesn't sleep in his backpack or stroller since he doesn't want to miss anything. It depends on your temperament whether you are sleeping for a day without sleeping or whether you need to stick to your home agenda. If you need to be anesthetized, talk about who stays with her at home, the other parent may be rolling around.
Think about security too! You can start with that ъszбstanнtбst. There are courses with a special form that includes the salvation elements. It is important that your child learns the name and your phone number. If you go abroad, it is best to have a child-identified bracelet permanently on it.


You can also find child-identified bracelets or ribbons in webshops.
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